I CD Remedy

1/1/2005   AQHA   sorrel   

I CD Remedy is  a welcome addition to our mare lineup for 2014.  She has a sweet disposition, looks and eye appeal, not to mention she comes from royalty.  CD Olena was ranked #3 among all time leading cutting money earners and won both the 1994 NCHA Futurity and Derby, winning the semi finals at the NCHA Superstakes and then 5th at the finals. He is the sire of $15.5 million of offspring earners. Her dam Remedy for Sweets is a NCHA money earner of $191,484.70 as well and has numerous placings and wins to her credit. She is confirmed in foal to Drippin Bullets for 2015.

I CD Remedy
  • CD Olena

    • Doc O'Lena

      • Doc Bar

      • Poco Lena

    • CD Chica San Badger

      • Peppy San Badger

      • Zorra Chica

  • Remedy for Sweets

    • Grays Starlight

      • Peppy Sand Badger

      • Doc's Starlight

    • Sweet Remedy

      • Doc's Remedy

      • Springinic

Owyhee Dot Com

4/4/2000   AQHA   sorrel   

Six has a SI of 84.  She had three starts with one win and earnings of $1,512.00.  She is a very nice mare, she was started on barrels but due to injury she was placed in the broodmare band.  She has had two very nice fillies from Zs Fit Ta Fire.  Six had a palomino colt May 5, 2014 sired by Patron at Six.  She is open for 2015.

Owyhee Dot Com
Owyhee Dot Com
  • Terribly Wicked

    • Streakin Six

      • Easy Six

      • Miss Assured

    • Wicked Wind

      • Dash for Cash

      • Viking Anne

  • Owyhee Flyer

    • To Half or Hav Not

      • Tiny Charger

      • Have a Go

    • Annie Do Fly

      • Gray's Exclusive

      • Vital Ann

JJ Blue Velvet

5/1/2000   AQHA   blue roan   

JJ was Don's penning horse.  She has money won in the Alberta Team Cattle Penning Society and in the Sask Team Penning Association.  She is a mare with a ton of heart and passes that on to her foals.  JJ is confirmed in foal to Drippin Bullets for 2015.

JJ Blue Velvet
  • JJ Blue SA

    • My Skip Ashwood

      • Sure Skippa

      • Ashwood Sue

    • Molly Bees Cowgirl

      • Snippys Cowboy

      • Molly Bee Cat

  • Pocos Lucky Velvet

    • Roosters Joe

      • Rooster's Dawn

      • Watch Lucky Jo

    • Bar S Poco Julie

      • Poco Rockmount

      • Caraja Dial

Crackin Zaney Jokes

5/4/2004   AQHA   gray   

Diva was started and then placed in the broodmare band. Diva is confirmed in foal to Zee for 2015. 

Crackin Zaney Jokes
  • Crackin Hickory

    • Doc's Hickory

      • Doc Bar

      • Miss Chickasha

    • Crackin

      • Smart Little Lena

      • Lynx Melody

  • PC Zans Star Command

    • Centurion Command

      • Fritz Command

      • Smoochey Too

    • Zansamichi Star

      • Skip Zan Parr

      • Ms Tomichis Last

Just a Little Even

4/20/2004   AQHA   gray   

"Doodlebug" was started in her two year old year and then due to an injury was turned out. Doodlebug has a colt at her side sired by ZS Fit Ta Fire for 2014.  She is confirmed in foal to Zee again for 2015.

Just a Little Even
  • Get Even

    • Six Fols

      • Easy Six

      • Long Chance (TB)

    • Miss Vandy Truckle

      • Truckle Feature

      • Miss Decka Vandy

  • PO Silver Doc

    • Freedoms Shur Doc

      • Dry Doc Freedom

      • Texas News

    • Dazzling Caesar

      • Hermosa Caesar

      • Silver Dazzle

Annies Smooth Alibi

5/9/1998   AQHA   Bay   

Annie originates from the Rattlesnake ranch and has been a welcome addition to our broodmare band. 

Annies Smooth Alibi
  • Smooth Herman

    • Jet Smooth

      • Jet Deck

      • Lena's Bar

    • Carol's Ethel

      • King

      • Evans Mare

  • Alibi Annie

    • Professor's Alibi

      • Doc Bar

      • Jean Tivio

    • Poco Jo Ann

      • Poco Deuce Jr

      • Trape Ann

Smooth Cutari

3/16/2001   AQHA   sorrel   

Smooth Cutari has been added to our broodmare band. She originates from the Rattlesnake Ranch in Texas and is proving to be a very nice addition to the broodmare band.  Kate has brought us a fancy palomino colt this year sired by Patron at Six.

Smooth Cutari
Smooth Cutari
  • Smooth Herman

    • Jet Smooth

      • Jet Deck

      • Lena's Bar

    • Carol's Ethel

      • King

      • Evans Mare

  • Tari Bar Gal

    • Doc Tari

      • Doc Bar

      • Puro's Linda

    • Soxie Gal

      • Socks Five

      • Spike S Gal

Marthas Move

  AQHA   bay   

We would like to thank Cora and Ryan Guest for the opportunity to have Martha added to our broodmare band. Martha has a cute little colt by her side we call Elliott who came into the world May 7/14.

Marthas Move
Marthas Move
  • Really Movin

    • Streakin Six

      • Easy Six

      • Miss Assured

    • Real New

      • Golly

      • Renewal

  • Martha Liggins

    • Zevi (TB)

      • Cornish Prince

      • Spire

    • Lady Bootjack

      • Mighty Deck

      • Boot to Boot

Fire Inside

4/29/2007   AQHA   gray   

Fire Inside was the top filly in Western Canada prior to her race in September 2010.  She has LTE of approximately $26,000.  Dot has a colt born May 19/14 by her side for this year.

Fire Inside
Fire Inside
  • Eye Take Time

    • Mr Eye Opener

      • Dash for Cash

      • Bedawee

    • Take After Me

      • Bully Bullion

      • Reddy Investment

  • Royal Rumours

    • This Snow is Royal

      • Chicks Beduino

      • Florentine

    • Easy Rumours

      • Victory Dash

      • Ms Easy Doll

Smarts Desire

5/26/2000   AQHA   sorrel   

Chicklet was an outstanding reining horse who attended the Canadian Supreme, Reining Alberta Show and the SRHA shows.  I received the AQHA Rookie of the Year in 2004 with the help of Johnny Picray's guidance and Chicklet's athletic ability.  Don has taken Chicklet over and penned on her to win big at the Zender Fall Classic.  She is nothing short of outstanding. She is confirmed in foal to Drippin Bullets for 2015.

Smarts Desire
  • Chics in the Male

    • Smart Chic Olena

      • Smart Little Lena

      • Gay Sugar Chic

    • Mia Dee Bar

      • Doc's Dee Bar

      • Royal Liz

  • Majority Girl

    • Major Bonanza

      • Coy's Bonanza

      • Manana's Rosa

    • Princess Baron

      • Baron Bell

      • Jack's Princess

Sugar Pie Cheryl

2/12/1997   AQHA   brown   

We recently purchased Sugar Pie Cheryl from Western 37 Barrel Prospects.  She is a great addition to our broodmare band. Sugar has a filly by her side for 2013 by A Streak of Fling.  Sugar has a SWEET filly by her side sired by Patron at Six for 2014.  She is confirmed in foal to Patron at Six for 2015.

Sugar Pie Cheryl
  • On A High

    • Dash for Cash

      • Rocket Wrangler

      • Find a Buyer

    • Yankee Doll

      • Mito Paint

      • Crafty Yankee

  • Six Moons Martha

    • Six Fols

      • Easy Six

      • Long Chance

    • Lady Bugs Martha

      • Lady Bug's Moon

      • Lan Lay

Gone Reckless

3/25/2008   AQHA   brown   

We are pleased to add Reckless to our broodmare line up.  She had an awesome colt on May 22/14! (Photos to come)

Gone Reckless
  • Reckless Dash

    • Dash for Cash

      • Rocket Wrangler

      • Find a Buyer (TB)

    • Shaken no Stirred

      • Raise Your Glass (TB)

      • My Move

  • BR Maid to Go

    • Gone to the Man

      • Dash for Cash

      • Dream Castle

    • Tinys Ms Nasty

      • Right to Run

      • Tinys Blade

Sophisticated Cee

5/11/2010   AQHA   sorrel   

Devlyn is currently in training and headed to the Canadian Supreme at the end of September.  We are looking forward to watching her get experience in the show pen under the guidance of Jeff Schwitzer.  We will keep the web page updated as her showing experiences come to light.

  • Sophisticated Catt

    • High Brow Cat

      • High Brow Hickory

      • Smart Little Kitty

    • Shania Cee

      • Peppys Boy 895

      • Lynx Melody

  • Dry Docs Fancy Socks

    • Doc Dry

      • Dry Doc

      • Mundanza Peppy

    • Kings Jewel Bar

      • Fancy Solis

      • Driftin Nelly

Bonnie Major Too

5/27/2005   AQHA   sorrel   
  • Solanos Peppy San

    • Peppy San Badger

      • Mr San Peppy

      • Sugar Badger

    • Solanos Deb

      • Doc's Solano

      • Dude's Debutante

  • Majority Girl

    • Major Bonanza

      • Coy's Bonanza

      • Manan's Rosa

    • Princess Baron

      • Baron Bell

      • Jack's Princess

Profits Corona Chic

3/31/2011   AQHA   sorrel   
  • High on Corona

    • Corona Cartel

      • Holland Ease

      • Corona Chick

    • Rare High

      • Rare Form

      • Also a High

  • Profits Chiquita

    • Profit Increase

      • First Down Dash

      • Zevis Doll

    • Marias Daughter

      • Royal Three Charge

      • Marias Special

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