Cowboy Blue Hancock

1998   Quarter Horse   Blue Roan   Stallion   15.1HH    1250 lbs 
Cowboy Blue Hancock

Cowboy Blue Hancock

       This stallion came to Bar 5S from TUF Hancock Horses in Prince George, B.C.  "Cowboy" was bred by long time Hancock breeder Charlie White in Texas and came to Canada as a weaner.  Cowboy carries all the traits of the old style Hancock horses, big bone and foot, color, and a quiet disposition.  Cowboy's bloodlines are full of the great horses that produce solid rope, ranch, and  rodeo horses.  His dam is a full sister to Pig Creek Roan, a great red roan stallion still in Texas.  Cowboy is here to produce horses that are like all the great horses that are in his background.   

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JP Bay Dividend

14/06/2007   quarter horse   bay roan   Stallion   15.3hh    1200lb 
JP Bay Dividend


Bar5S is proud to have aquired the young stallion JP Bay Dividend, "Goose," who packs the Bracket D brand  of Dan Dudden's ranch in Colorado. The bloodlines  of Goose's sire Plenty Dividend are well known in the roping arenas in the Northern States.  This young stallion now has 60 rides and is ready to start his roping career.  He has grown to 15.3 hh and is still growing and is one of the smoothest horses we have ever rode. Watch for him in the heading box summer of 2011. 

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Wyo Apache Hawk

April 28,2008   Quarter Horse   Blue Roan   Stallion   16HH    1300lbs 
Wyo Apache Hawk


        "Jed" comes to us from Wyo Hancock Horses in Crowheart, Wyoming.  He is a son of Jerry Jeppson's well known Blue Apache Hancock and out of an own daughter to Wyo Blue Bonnett.  Jed carries on the size, disposition, athleticism, and color of those good using horses on his pedigree. Jed is a true blue roan with all black points and excellent confirmation.  Bar 5S is looking forward to crossing this stallion with our good cowbred mares to give us foals with substance and looks.  This horse is big, strong, gentle and honest, he makes it easy to be around him.

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Hancocks My ID

April 29, 2009   Bay Roan   Stallion   15.3hh    1200lb 
Hancocks My ID

      This is Bar5S' newest breeding stallion, he is the son of our deceased Mr Purple Valentine. He is the image of his sire, big, strong and good looking. At 3 years old he is an honest 15.3HH and 1150lbs, he is well proportioned with a pretty head and straight stance. "ID" will be sent out this fall for training and be used lightly next year. He was kept for his disposition, size, color, bloodlines, and will be a major part of Bar5S' breeding program in the years to come. We are excited for this young stallion. His first babies will be on the ground in 2013. A big boned, big muscled stallion with lots of eye appeal.

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TH Kings Hobby

April 23,1992   Quarter Horse   Bay   stallion   15HH    1100lbs 
TH Kings Hobby

TH Kings Hobby

       This bay stallion has been with Bar 5S for 15 years as of 2009.  King came to us from Gun Runner Ranch in Saskatchewan as a two year old.  His pedigree says a lot about him, a grandson of Fred B Clymer on the top and grandson of Hobby Horse on the mare's side.  Both sides of his lineage are champions in multiple areas such as cutting, halter, and on the track.  This stallion has given us some of the best using horses and broodmares that we have.  King leaves that natural cowhorse ability and disposition on all his babies.  We have used King himself for cutting, roping, and doctoring cows, he is always up for anything you need out of him.  Bar 5S is proud of this foundation sire, he never backs up from any job and is super consistent.  We look forward to crossing our Hancock blood with this great stallions daughters.



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Mr Purple Valentine

April 8, 2003   Quarter Horse   Bay Roan   Stallion   16.3 HH    1300lbs 
Mr Purple Valentine

Mr Purple Valentine

       This stallion is a reference sire only, Bar 5S brought up " Valentine" from Washington in 2008.  Unfortunately we lost this stallion after only one breeding season.  This stallion was one of those horses that you build a herd around, size, color, and disposition.  An own son of Leo Hancock Hayes, one of the last breeding sons of Blue Valentine, and out of a daughter of Lil Easy Cash this horse had it all.  Valentine has great horses all over his pedigree, Red Man, Dash For Cash, Rip Rip, and Whiz Blitz.  We ran Valentine with the mares for the season he was with us and his babies are on the ground as of June 2009.  He left lots of bay roans, blue roans, browns, bays, and red roans for us.  These daughters will be the foundation of the replacement  broodmares and the sons will be rode.

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