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Dear Brian and Hazel, I hope this note finds you well, and wish I had good news to share with you. I'm writing to let you know that my sweet Jake had to be put to sleep last night after a very acute colic. He was so stoic and brave, we did all we could for him, but in the end I had to let him go. I want to thank you so, so much for raising such a kind, good natured, willing partner. There will never be another Jake The Bandit. He was the greatest character I've ever known, kind to everyone, and a favorite of everyone that ever met him. Jake was always more than a horse to my family, he was such a huge part of our lives and he will be greatly missed. I truly believe the love you give your young horses, in turn allows them to love their people more than any horse could, where ever they may go. I can't thank you enough for all you did in the few years you had him, and the months you spent preparing that two year old for his home with a 7 year old girl. We certainly did grow up together as my dad had planned, and he was more loyal than any dog I've ever known. I've attached the photo of the day he arrived and one from early this fall. Again, thank you, he meant the world to me. Much Love, Kelsay
Kelsay Johns
Canada .
Hi Hazel! This is Kelsey. Just lettin you know that Jetta is doing very well and has fit right in with my four year old filly Roxy. The two are now inseperable. Jetta and I have been working on trailer loading and she's now getting to be an old pro at it. She just pops right in with no hesitation and likes to see where we are going. She stood like a little lady when I had to wash out a little scratch she got and was very easy to work with. She grows fatter everyday I think and is always looking for me when I go out to the pasture. Thank you sooo much for allowing me the chance to have Jetta. She is a smart girl and I look forward to teaching her even more next year. I will send pictures as soon as I can get a camera that I can hook up to my computer. I will keep in touch with you and it was very nice to meet you. It felt like I had known you for a long time. Hopefully I can send pics soon. :) Sincerely, Kelsey McCrea
Kelsey McCrea
Alberta, Canada .
Hi guys! Just a quick update! I am happy to report that I have been working with Dually (the black colt that is full brothers to hustler, Dan’s horse out of Jasper) and he has been awesome! I put the bridal on him the first time the other day and he took the bit the first try! Yesterday I put the saddle on him and he was awesome. I can take him away from all the other horses into our indoor arena by himself and he is perfectly calm and trusting! He is such a pleasure to work with! Dan continues to work with and ride Hustler and he is doing great! Our Buckskin out of Digger is also coming along very nicely; Dan is also working with him. Hope you guys are well. Dan and Emerald Coates Diamond C Ranch Sundre, AB
Dan and Emerald Coates / Diamond C Ranch
Sundre, AB., Canada .
Hey you guys! I hope that this note finds you healthy and happpy. Until now, I didn't have the opportunity to take advantage of your guestbook to officially and for the record thank you both for the wonderful experience I had in meeting you and your beautiful horses. As you may recall, my first visit to Bigfoot Ranch was simply to accompany a friend of mine to meet "Jasper" as she was seeking a suitable cross for her mare. Well.... I absolutely fell in love. This big beartiful "black stallion" had everything that I look for in a horse. As it turns out, Hazel and I have the same "taste" for confirmation, disposition, size and style in our horses. Needless to say, everybody in her pasture either caught my eye or had me wanting to take them home to my ranch to put into my breeding program. After admiring the "scenery" and the beautiful rolling ranch land that they call home, my friend and I were treated to "good-old" genuine hospitality over a glass of iced tea at Hazel and Brian's picnic table. We returned a few weeks later with both my friend's mare and one of my own to expose to "Jasper". Plus, I couldn't resist, and subsequently purchased and took home a tall, beautiful black two year old filly named "Zeba" who is one of "Jasper's" daughters. She is an elegant, friendly lady who fits in perfectly with my girls and is a dream to work with. As it turns out, I have recently leased my friend's mare in foal to "Jasper" and therefore am looking forward to spring 2009 and two more of "Jasper's" babies joining my herd. I will keep you posted! Thanks again for the pleasure of doing business with you and I count you both among my friends in my "horsey circles".
Patty Twerdochlib - Blue Barr Quarter Horses
Carrot Creek, AB, Canada .
Hi Brian and Hazel! I was just thinking of you guys the other day because I watched Dan get on Hustler for the second time ( the first time he got on him i wasn't home! i was so mad he did it when i wasn't there!) anyway he was perfect! Ever since we took him home Hustler has been nothing but a pleasure to be around! I think he was the best wedding present and perfect choice in a horse i could have made to buy for Dan. From day one dan has enjoyed every moment, i remember at first he would take him for walks, brush him and as he got older putting the saddle and bridle on him in the round pen as well as getting him used to a tarp all over his body, even covering his head and then buying a harness and ground driving him and even getting him to lay down! Dan loves this horse so much! and Hustler is the nicest horse i have ever had the pleasure of knowing! It can be annoying sometimes just how friendly he is! He's the only horse in our field that comes running when he see's you! Just wanted to thank you guys again for raising such wonderful horses! Our other babies are doing well too! we'll be working with them more as we now have an indoor arena! Dan & Emerald
Dan & Emerald Coates
AB, Canada .
Hi Hazel and Brian! Thank you so much for helping me start my dream herd not only by buying some of your horses - but also by being there for me when I have questions or I just want to talk. You guys truly care for your horses and the people who buy them. You are wonderful people ( yes you too Brian ) who I consider my friends now. Once again thank-you for everything and I'm still not done with my buying spree at Bigfoot Ranch.
Paula Hopwood
Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada .
Well Hazel, Another year and another foal for me by one of your beautiful stallions! Windy is growing into a stunning yearling and little Deucey is a riot!! My first perlino! LOL!! Jasper and Digger have sure done well crossed on my mares, and judging by your herd, they sure do well crossed on yours too! Keep up the good work, you can sure tell you put a lot of love into your breeding program. Talk to you soon! Cheers! Theresa
Theresa Toews
Three Hills, AB., Canada .
Hi Brian and Hazel, It's Tamara Pouliot, we brought out three mares to you last summer Jessie Misty and Eeyore. Well great news their all still carrying bouncing babies. Jessie is gettting really close. She's as big as a house. You guys did an excellent job breeding my mares but I'am sad to see Deuce is gone he was a sweet guy and I can't wait to see what he gave me. I appreciate you letting me be there during the breeding it was very educational and interesting. I'll send pics of the wedding and the foals when they come.
Tamara Pouliot
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada .
Hello Hazel and Brian, I bought a weanling 2 years ago who was born on your ranch. We have kept him entire and he will be producing his first crop of babies in 2007, the first one being due on April 7th. This young stallion is just the most fantastic horse ever! No-one ever believes he is a stallion as he has such a quiet and placid temperament. He is the most loving and gentle horse and is very much adored by us. I have to give Brian and Hazel a lot of the credit for this as without the excellent groundwork you must give to your young horses, we may have spent longer in "finding" our guy. I have been following your progress and I note that Panda and Rebel have been sold to a new home in the States, however their legacy will always live on in Canada. What fantastic sires they have been. I believe they can only have improved the APHA society with their blood and hopefully this will live on with my young stallion and others with this fabulous bloodline. Thank you for giving these top quality young horses the start they deserve in life. Kind regards, Debbie Meadowland Farm Campbellford Ontario K0L 1L0
Cammpbellford, Ontario, Canada .
Hi Hazel and Brian, This note is to anyone thinking of purchasing a horse from Bigfoot Ranch. It was two years ago we stopped by The Bigfoot Ranch “just to look”, as I has seen the Bigfoot website and was impressed with the horses and bloodlines. We were in the early stages of developing an acreage and not quite ready for a horse, but none-the-less looking for a black and white tobiano. As it turned out, during that first visit, I hugged the exact colt that I was looking for. After five days of thinking and trying to “cool-off”, I phoned Hazel and explained our dilemma that we were not ready for a horse. Hazel’s solution was “buy him now and I will care for him until ready”. We purchased Knight in 2004 as a colt and have since purchased Abby, a filly, in 2005. Hazel went on to break and train Knight. In August 2006, I spent a few days at the Bigfoot with Hazel, Brian and Knight before bringing him home. All I can say is -- Hazel knows horses - this cannot be over emphasized! I had a great time and their hospitality is awesome!! In September, Knight took his first trailer ride --- home. Eight hours to Saskatchewan, through Edmonton city traffic without a complaint from our “good boy”. Anyone that has met Knight cannot believe he is two years old --- he has such good manners. I will be picking up my three coloured paint, Abby, in 2007. I had not visited Bigfoot’s website guest book prior to buying Knight. Only after, did I learn what others say about Hazel, Brian, their horses and ranch - many good things - and I agree with all comments. I would not consider horse shopping elsewhere. Hazel and Brian are sincere, down to earth people that I am glad to have met. Sometimes in life you come across people that are special and they stick in your mind forever --- And for me --- it is Hazel and Brian Street at The Bigfoot Ranch!
Brenda Mucha
Saskatchewan, Canada .
Dear Hazel and Brian, It's been a little over a year since I flew to Canada, experienced your fantastic hospitality, and met Gold 'N Spice - a beautiful rose-grey dun mare you had for sale. Though I loved her from the start I thought I probably had quite a lot to teach her. I was SO wrong - SHE had a lot to teach ME!!! And once I had grasped this simple fact and started to listen to her she has proved to be everything I had hoped for, and soooo much more! We have had so much fun this summer riding hundreds of trails in the mountains, lakes, forests and on the beach. I trust her completely in any situation with her calm and gentle ways and quiet sense of humour. So many, many thanks for the part you played in bringing us together and hope to visit you and all your beautiful horses again one day. With all best wishes, Di Postlethwaite
Di Postlethwaite
Boot Holmrock, Cumbia, England .
Hi Hazel I can finally access your guestbook, so belatedly I would like to say what a wonderful little horse I bought from you in December 2005. I have had many nice comments about her since she came here and look forward to the years ahead. She will be a star in the future!!! Angela
Angela Clark
Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK .
Hello there, I have been following your website for quite some time now and I have just noticed that you sold your paint stallions. I hope you don't decide to get out of the horse industry because your horses are fabulous. Keep up the great work and enjoy you labours of love. It's worth it!
Jenn L.
Golden, BC, Canada .
I've just imported 2 broodmares from Bigfoot for a new breeding programme in the UK and I would just like to say they are the most wonderful horses. Never having imported or bought 'blind' before it was really nerve-wracking but Hazel couldn't have been more helpful, sending me some excellent DVDs. The girls settled in straight away and are so easy to handle which is all down to Hazel's training, combined with wonderful temperaments. Both mares are in foal so I'm looking forward to some lovely babies in the spring. Thank you so much, Hazel.
Sue Barras
Northumberland, UK .
I must say I trully enjoyed visiting your website. You horses and offspirng are some of the best I have seen! Sure hope I can achieve such beauty in my horses in time! Well done!
T. Elliott
Plamondon, alberta, Canada .
Hi Brian and Hazel, I was just on your site again passing time looking through your sale barn. I see there is hardly any horses for sale. Good for you guys!! You do have awesome bloodlines and temperment. Too others reading this, we cowboy for a living and train and use our horses on a working cattle ranch. Streets horses are amazing horses to train. They have awesome temperments, ability and quick minds. They are some of the cowiest horses we've ever rode or worked with. If you're still debating on whether to get one of their horses or not, do it!! You won't be disappointed.
Rusty & Larry Martin
Bruneau, Idaho, USA .
Hello everyone. I now have my second filly. Beatrix is quite the Diva !! She is tall , and very beautiful and knows it. She has joined my little herd and seems to get along well. We are grateful for the time and effort that Hazel put into her. Hazel does have the magic touch that is for sure. I wish them all the best with their new foals this year and may they all find the very best of homes. Velda
Velda D Duhaime
Azilda, On., Canada .
I'm 17 and I live in Maryland. 11 years ago we purchased my first horse Jake The Bandit from the Streets while visiting relatives in Calgary. He is the best horse I have ever had in my life. In the time since we bought him I have trained and ridden several other horses but none of them have ever had the character and loyalty that Jake does. I ride english and the Streets took the time to put some extra work into Jake so I could train him how I wanted. Jake is now 13 and we have competed successfully in Equitation, Pleasure, and Eventing. I'm saving up to buy another horse from The Steets one of these days, its definately worth the shipping costs to get a horse from their family. (I have some pictures up on Yahoo if anyone wants to see them. just click on my website and go to the my horses page)
Kelsay Johns
Churchville, Maryland , USA .
I found you website through I was very happy I clicked on your link. I am looking for a paint that will make a good family horse when my boys get a little older. I was very impressed with the horses on your site as well as the many wonderful testimonials from others who have bought from you and signed your guest book. I will definitely keep you in mind when I am ready to buy.
Kelly Heinrich
Provost, AB, Canada .
Just wanted everyone to know how SPECIAL Boots is . . . She's a drop-dead gorgeous b/w tobiano filly (2003) that came to live with me (almost) a year ago. Today, I decided to ride her bareback (this is only the second time I've been on her) . . . because I was curious how she'd handle bareback, because putting my foot in the stirrup to get on her made her a bit uncomfortable last time AND (final reason) I felt a bit lazy (not a good reason - but the truth). Anyways . . . she was perfect. I led her up to a bench, jumped on the bench and then up on her. Absolutely NO reaction; calm as could be. I have her in an eggbutt snaffle . . . and it was almost like she'd had it on all her life. Not exactly 'power steering' but we went alongside the fence, around the feeder, around the shed, along the other fence, etc. etc. Some snow fell off the barn (it's FINALLY melting) and she jumped but settled right down after two steps. She's amazing - really. This is my VERY FIRST experience starting a horse . . . and what a great start it has been for me! She's gentle, calm, friendly, smart and enjoys the attention of everyone who comes to visit. Is it the genes? The excellent start that Hazel & Brian gave her? Me spending time with her? Probably all of that . . . anyways, she's great. I stand at my window and see her strutting around the pasture with her QH pal (also from Bigfoot) and I cannot believe the two of them are mine. Thanks again, Hazel & Brian . . . it's been a pleasure getting to know you AND to benefit from the many years of experience you've had developing your herd.
James King
Leduc, Alberta, Canada .
Hello there! My first time stopping by your site and may I compliment you on your beautiful stallions! As I breed QH's not paints, I find Jasper to be my favourite, but wow are all three of them beautiful and well put together! Wonderful horses! Regards, Theresa
Three Hills, Alberta, Canada .
Hello Brian and Hazel, I can't tell you how pleased we are with Mack, he is everything you said he would be and more, with a lovely disposition, and a great sense of humour, and to have travelled over 5000 miles and still be good at that age says a lot, thankyou for your support, and hope you will enjoy reading about how he is fitting into our madhouse on the diary pages, Your after sales service has been exellent, it has been a pleasure, keep up the good work! sue
susan george
wales, united kingdom .
To everyone thinking about buying a horse from Bigfoot Ranch, do it! I have been buying, training, selling and breeding for many many years now and I have to say the 2 foals I purchased from Bigfoot are at the top of the list for dispostion. BH Sheezabreeze and BH Ezzy Breezin travelled 4 days to get to me. They walked off the big transport and right on to my trailer without a fuss. In the days since I have been amazed at how wonderful and easy they are to handle. They halter, lead, pick up their feet, tie and are also drop dead gorgeous. They are wonderful with my children, and have amalgamated into my herd without any fuss. Smart babies! Good looks, great bloodlines and great dispositions. I couldn't ask for more. We are thrilled with our purchases from Bigfoot Ranch. Thank you Hazel, Kristi Walker
Kristi Walker
Hastings, Ontario, Canada .
Hello Hazel & Brian (and to those who are reading this guest book, you have come to the right place for an addition to your family)! Rebecca and I would like to thank you for your friendship and guidance in purchasing four wonderful mares from Bigfoot Ranch. We can not believe it has been 2 and a half years since Rebecca picked out Diamond as a young filly! Hazel, the extra time that you spent in showing Rebecca how to work with and train Diamond "is priceless". These two are inseparable (for those guests reading - Rebecca is 12 and Diamond is 3). These two are hoping to be the best barrel racing team in the future. My mare Faith (who is 5 now) has been nothing but amazing in the arena, on the trails and in costume. Yes costume - the last couple of years she has been entered into a fun competition where she is dressed up along with the rider, a winner each time! This year our 2 paint filly's, Sassy and Starlight, have been very attentive during their ground work training and will be ready in the Spring for riding. We must say Brian and Hazel that your tips given to Rebecca and I on working with the mares over the years, along with your direction and corrections have been invaluable! This combined with your dedication in giving all your horses the best care from day 1, have made our dreams come true. You two are a great team - thanks again. All the best, Rebecca & April Walters
April & Rebecca Walters
Calgary, Alberta, Canada .
Big Foot Brian Rocks!!!!
Tractor Tom
Canada .
I have bought 2 absolutely beautiful fillies from Hazel and Brian. Hannah our soon to be 16 month old is wonderful to work around, gentle , people friendly and smart. We have never had any problems with her. She travelled 1800 miles to be with us. Beatrix is the baby and is still with them until she is 10 months old. She is stunning and very much like Hannah. Hazel and Brian do such a good job that I will be getting # 3 filly next year. So a huge Thank you to you both I consider you friends. I would encourage any one that is interested in purchasing a well rounded sensible horse give them a call, My friend Kristie did and she bought Abby a weanling filly who is simply a doll !! Once again Thank you for all the care and hard work you put into your herd. Velda.
Velda D. Duhaime
Azilda, Ontario, Canada .
Hi Brian and Hazel, I have had so much fun with Cleo since she came over in 2003. She settled into life with year round grazing with a great deal of enthusiasm. She has proven herself to be very tolerant and adaptable to any situation. Thank you so much for all your help and patience - the time difference doesn't help. It was great to actually meet you both last autumn. I have already decided that should I buy another horse (rather than breed one) you would be my first port of call.
Erica Thomas
Wales, United Kingdom .
Hazel & Brian, It has been going on 2 1/2 years now since I purchased Nugget from you folks. I could hardly wait to get her home. Everyday I look at her and I think about you guys. Without a doubt she is a wonderful caring, friendly mare with personality plus. Hazel you trained her well and gave her the confindence to be the best that she is. Since I was a little girl I dreamed of this perfect horse, and you have made all my dreams come true. Thank you. You took the time with me and my family showed us everything about Nugget, showed us your farm, and all of your other wonderful friendly horses you are raising and that really made us feel welcome. I check your site regularly looking for another palomino or buckskin to catch my eye for the kids, they sure love Nugget as much as I do, she is an awesome partner. I am very happy I found Bigfoot Ranch without it in my opinion it would have never been possible to find her. Thanks a bunch as always.
Terry Boyd
Alberta, Canada .
Hi Brian and Hazel, Id like to thankyou for being so helpful through my purchase of Mack, cant wait for him to get here! You have some beautiful horses,we may get a chance one day to call and see you all, best wishes, and keep up the good work! sue
susan george
wales, united kingdom .

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