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We are located near Dawson Creek, B.C. Famously known as the Mile Zero City start of the Alaska Hwy.  We have a large farm 1600 acres consisting of hay fields, wooded hillsides and a lush creek fed valley bottom.  We are committed to raising top quality foundation horses, striving for excellent conformation, disposition and hopefully color especially grullo.

The Foundation Quarter Horse is a unique individual easily distinguished by its bulldog type appearance exhibiting a low centre of gravity ( length of legs not exceeding the depth of the heart girth ) exceptionally heavy muscling, powerful hindquarters, deep " V " between the forelegs, good bone and foot, a quiet trainable disposition and a high degree of intelligence and natural cow sense.

The NFQHA has been a leader in preserving these exceptional horses.  To qualify for National Foundation registry your horse must possess 80% Quarter Horse blood and maximum allowable Thoroughbred blood is 20%.  NFQHA determines this by researching back 11 generations on each horse to determine eligiblity and foundation percentage level.

Our foundation program started with GOLDUN POCO MR MATT 97% NFQH, 34% Poco Bueno sired by JAZ POCO GOLDUN BLUE  Reserve World Champion Sire bred by the JAZ RANCH in Oregon.  This started a fantastic relationship and friendship with the owners of the Jaz Ranch, Brent Jensen and Gail Zscheile.

 Thanks partly to their huge support and encouragement of our breeding program we are now the owners of JAZ POCO SILVERADO 100% NFQH 27% Poco Bueno  a gorgeous silver grullo stallion with his AQHA ROM Reining.  His sire LITTLE STEEL DUST, a grandson of Poco Bueno was the horse that launched the Jaz Ranch and by the time of his death at 29 he had sired 211 babies of which 147 were Jaz Ranch horses reproducing himself in disposition and conformation.  It is an honour to own a stallion of this caliber and we look forward to crossing him on daughter's of MATT'S that we have kept back, and also to all of the lovely ladies that we have imported over the years from the Jaz Ranch.

LBJ SIERRAS BLUE TE or " BANDIT "  is our 16HH true Blue Roan stallion, double bred Te N Te on top and BlueBoy Quincy, Crimson War on the bottom.  We are now crossing SILVERADO on BANDIT'S daughters and since Silverado is double dominant homozygous for the Dun gene, the foals from blue daughters will only result if four colours, either Blue Roan, Black, Grullo or Grullo Roan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 Coming up in the ranks is JAZ ZIGGY STEEL DUST  98% NFQH  silver grullo.  He was imported in utero with his mother JAZ SD CATALINA, sired by JAZ POCO BRAVO.  His first 3 foals arrive spring 2014.

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