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Hansen Family

Cody, Amanda, Jesse, Michele, and Dallas

Horses have been a life long passion. My parents sent me to Elkana Ranch Camp at Bragg Creek, Alberta for two summers and when I came home the second year my parents knew I wouldn't be happy until I had a horse of my own. I was born and raised in Calgary so this meant that we had to find a place to board a horse. Just west of Calgary, in the Spring Bank area was Sylvancrest Stables. It was a perfect place for me to ride and get some truly great lessons in life.

In 1980 I was married and moved to Southern Saskatchewan where my husband, Dallas was farming and ranching. It is here that we have raised 3 children and passed on our love of the land and horses.

We had an exciting summer in 2015 with the marriage of Amanda to Graham Heidinger. It was a beautful country wedding and of course we couldn't leave out the 3 geldings we had raised.

Southend Tail Extensions first got its start with the need to add a little more fullness to our AQHA mare, Satonachocolatechip. We clipped and cleaned the hair from a few of our broodmares and created our first black tail. It looked great in the ring and word soon was out of a new type of tail extension.

Our tails are mutli- purposed for those of us that show pleasure and halter one day but can still use the same tail extension for reining the next.

Over the last couple of years we have switched gears from showing pleasure horses to trying our skills with reiners. Amanda lives in Alberta now and plans to attend some AQHA shows and Reining Alberta shows.

Over the last few years, we have started creating WESTERN INSPIRED JEWELLERY and HORSE HAIR JEWELLERY that we take with us to horse shows and trade fairs.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Amanda and Biscuit Amanda and Graham wedding wedding party

Michele Kot Dallas and Honey

Michele Hansen (Kot) Calgary, 1977
Dallas Hansen working cattle

Box 286
Rockglen, SK.
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