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Wild Horses of Alberta Society

Band on the Run

Mission Statement and Objectives

The following is the mission statement of the Wild Horses of Alberta Society, (W. H. O. A. S.) as voted on and accepted by the membership of the society:

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to ensure the provision of all aspects of the conservation and humane treatment of free roaming horses in Alberta.


  1. Protection - to clearly define the parameters of humane treatment for wild horses and to ensure that the guidelines outlined are adhered to.
  2. Sanctuary - to achieve or retain a place that will allow the free roaming Horses of Alberta to remain in their wild state.
  3. Management - to create systems ensuring sustainable herd sizes and protecting the safety and dignity of captured horses.
  4. Education - to foster an awareness of and appreciation for the essential role that free roaming horses have played in settling, sustaining and enriching our Alberta culture and heritage.
  5. Community - to establish a group of individuals connected through their common interest in, appreciation of and compassion for the wild horses of Alberta. - to act as a community solely in the best interest of the wild horsesof Alberta and to keep all participation in this community separate from any self-interest related to horses or the horse industry.