Somebodys Sindy

  AQHA   sorrel   

Sindy has NCHA earnings of $4,466.20 and is the dam of Sindicat who has NCHA earnings of $48,65.51 to date.  She ha an amazing colt sired by Red Dirt Roadie now owned by Becca McLeod.  

She is an excellent addition to our broodmare band and an exceptional mare.  We are so fortunate to have her. 

Somebodys Sindy
  • Somebody Smart

    • Smart Little Lena

      • Doc O'Lena

      • Smart Peppy

    • A Busy Body

      • Son O Sugar

      • Sons Busy Body

  • Dox Little Cindy

    • Peppy San Badger

      • Mr San Peppy

      • Sugar Badger

    • Docs Cindy Bar

      • Doc Bar

      • Clabbers Robin

Sophisticated Cee

5/11/2010   AQHA   sorrel   

"Devlyn" as we call her has joined our broodmare band.  She was cutting trained and dabbled in that a little bit with limited showing here in Canada and then went to the penning world where she and Don had great success and wins.  She is bred to Red Dirt Roadie for 2019.

Sophisticated Cee
Sophisticated Cee
  • Sophisticated Catt

    • High Brow Cat

      • High Brow Hickory

      • Smart Little Kitty

    • Shania Cee

      • Peppys Boy 895

      • Lynx Melody

  • Dry Docs Fancy Socks

    • Doc Dry

      • Dry Doc

      • Mundanza Peppy

    • Kings Jewel Bar

      • Fancy Solis

      • Driftin Nelly

Sugar Pie Cheryl

2/12/1997   AQHA   brown   

We purchased Sugar Pie Cheryl from Western 37 Barrel Prospects.  She has been a great addition to our broodmare band. Sugar had a filly by her side for 2013 by A Streak of Fling.  Sugar had a SWEET filly by her side sired by Patron at Six for 2014 who was CBHI nominated as well as Superstaked and has now been placed in the broodmare band due to unforeseen circumstances.   Sugar had a filly in 2016 sired by Red Dirt Roadie and a colt sired by ZS Fit Ta Fire in 2017.  

Sugar Pie Cheryl
Sugar Pie Cheryl
  • On A High

    • Dash for Cash

      • Rocket Wrangler

      • Find a Buyer

    • Yankee Doll

      • Mito Paint

      • Crafty Yankee

  • Six Moons Martha

    • Six Fols

      • Easy Six

      • Long Chance

    • Lady Bugs Martha

      • Lady Bug's Moon

      • Lan Lay


4/26/2006   AQHA   brown   

Tuckster is a big hipped and athletic mare.  She is a welcome addition to the broodmare band and has proven to be a great mom! She had a filly in 2016 sired by ZS Fit Ta Fire who is now owned by Lorraine and Kelsey Cole!! Can not wait to see this team in action!  Tuckster proved consistent in color and demeanour this year in her colt we call Gordon (ZS Wranglin Roosters)

  • Roosters Wrangler

    • Gallo Del Cielo

      • Peppy San Badger

      • Doc's Starlight

    • Hustlers Sugar

      • Freckles Hustler

      • Wranglers Connie

  • Miss Fritzie Tucker

    • Pico Chex

      • King Fritz

      • Hancock Ann

    • Tuck Star Gold

      • Doc Tom Tucker

      • Miss Vandy Too

Zips Dashin Silk

3/29/2007   AQHA   black   

Silky has officially joined our broodmare band.  She had an adorable filly sired by ZS Fit Ta Fire in 2017 who is now owned by Sara Bruynooghe!!

Zips Dashin Silk
Zips Dashin Silk Zips Dashin Silk
  • Pretty Classy Zip

    • Noor Charge

      • Tiny Charger

      • Noorella

    • Annie Pines Zip

      • Zippo Pat Bars

      • Pines Annie Lee

  • Silk N Dash

    • Skirt Chasin Alibi

      • Sir Alibi

      • Silk Skirt

    • Miss Jordash

      • Dash for Cash

      • Hempen's Mildred (TB)

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