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                                    APHA DIRECTOR’S REPORT MARCH 2017

The APHA Convention was held at the Westin DFW Airport, Irving, Texas on February 24-27, 2017. A total of  33 Rule Change Proposals were reviewed in Committee meetings and 25 were passed to the floor for voting by all Directors. Many Rule Change Proposals were clarified and 24 were passed. Some are taking effect as soon as APHA can process them. These Rule Changes are available for viewing at

APHA will be moving to the Stockyards in Fort Worth by early 2018. The American Paint Horse Foundation has been established and has launched a Capital Campaign to assist with the moving costs of the APHA office, General Store, Hall of Fame and Educational Outreach Centre.  The Foundation will also set up an Endowment to fund Youth Scholarships at the World Show. The Amon G. Carter Foundation has awarded a grant to the APHA Foundation to assist with moving and refurbishing the beautiful bronze Paint Horse Statues to the Stock Yards.

Dr. Samantha Brooks from the University of Florida attended many of the Convention Committee meetings to answer questions and also gave a 3 hour presentation to update her work on Coat Color Genetics. Her study now includes 350 horses as many owners have sent her their DNA Color gene results and photos of their horses. Her program calculates the % of body white from the photos and links them to 1 of the 9 APHA color genes. She has now produced a mathematical formula that can give breeders an idea of what to expect when matching 2 sets of DNA. You can almost custom order your foal. Dr. Brooks would like to have a total of 1,000 horses in her study so please send her a copy of your horses’s color DNA and a photo that she can add to her study. She also has an online course starting in April to assist you with your breeding choices.

Much discussion occurred around Rule Change Proposal SC-167 that would allow Solid Paint Bred horses to show with Regular Registry horses in all classes. The Proposal did not advance to the floor for voting. It had about 35% support from the Show Committee Directors.

However, Rule Change SC-165 C 2 comes into effect in 2017. This rule permits SPB horses to compete with RR horses in individual working events. APHA points are awarded on the number of horses competing in their respective registry. Please check your rule book for a list of acceptable classes and bring your SPB horses out to compete.


Our new President George Ready has committed to make significant changes to keep APHA strong and growing. The number of breeders, foals registered, shows, and participation at shows is all dropping. Another challenge facing APHA is to keep color in our breed. Dr. Brooks indicated that if breeding practices continue as they are now, all of the color genes in APHA will disappear within 7 or 8 generations. Expect some changes going forward.

Please send any ideas to grow APHA that you have to  Your ideas are important and may be incorporated into Rule Changes that can help the ongoing success of APHA.


Colleen Samela

Director Area 34 Alberta

March 7, 2017


Here's a link to the rules passed at the 2017 APHA Convention:


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