CCF  : Rules and Overview


The Canadian Colors Futurity   (also referred to as CCF)



Both the SIRE and DAM of a foal must be listed with the APHC Canadian Colors Futurities according to the following rules and regulations before said foal is considered eligible for entry in any of the Canadian Colors Futurities. OWNER & HANDLER of the exhibited horse must be a member of the APHC at the time of show.



a.     Stallion listing fee of $125.00 must be paid and postmarked by JANUARY 1st and will be designated as a listing for the year 2018 in which the served mare foals.

b.     The listing fee can be paid any time PRIOR to the Weanling Futurity entry closing date for which the foal would be eligible to participate in.  Late penalties will be assessed as follows: JANUARY 1st through March 15th, fee will be double or $250.00.  Mar 15th through the foaling year will be triple or $375.00.

c.     If a stallion is leased, the lease agreement must be approved and on file with the APHA office and a copy of such agreement must be forwarded to the APHC CCF office.

d.     The stallion listing fee may be paid by the stallion owner/lessee or by a person other than the stallion owner/lessee. Permission must be provided in writing if it is to be someone other than the owner/lessee except: if the stallion owner fails to respond to other interested parties upon inquiring to list.  These parties must notify the APHC CCF office and at that time the APHC CCF office will send a certified letter to the owner/lessee with a request for listing. If there is no reply to this listing request within ten (10) working days, the other parties will be allowed to pay the stallion listing fee at the current rate and are eligible for any monies paid back in the stallion purse.

e.     Stallion owner/nominator must be a member of the ALBERTA PAINT HORSE CLUB also referred to as the APHC, within 30 days of receipt of the stallion nomination at the CCF administration office.



a.     Mare nomination fee of $60.00 must be paid and postmarked by JANUARY 1st of the year the foal is born and eligible to participate in the Weanling Futurity and will be designated as a nomination for that year.

b.     The nomination fee can be paid at any time prior to the Weanling Futurity entry closing date for which the foal would be eligible to participate in.  Late penalties will be assessed as follows: January 1st through Mar 15th of the year of foaling the mare nomination fee will be double or $120.00, or Mar 15th until the entry closing date for which the foal would be eligible to participate in the Weanling Futurity would be triple or $180.00.

c.     Only mares served by listed stallions are eligible for nomination.

d.     Once the mare has been nominated, the resulting foal will be eligible to be paid up in one or all of the following listed futurities with solid paint-bred foals shown with the colored foals on an equal basis in all futurities:

                                               i.     Weanling Halter Futurities for Colts/Gelding and Fillies – Early and Late divisions (see rule #4)

                                             ii.     Yearling Halter Futurity for Colts/Gelding and Fillies

                                            iii.     Yearling Longeline Futurity

                                            iv.     Two Year Walk Jog WP and Walk Trot HUS

                                             v.     Three Year Old Hunter Under Saddle and Western Pleasure

e.     An eligible foal is not required to show in a subsequent futurity to remain eligible for any of the remaining futurities However, of a very important note, IF YOU WANT THE FOAL TO REMAIN ELIGIBLE FOR THE GRAND AGGREGATE AWARD ie: a trailer for the overall hi point horse of combined futurities, THEN YOU MUST PAY A $60.00 FUTURITY ENTRY FEE PER CLASS THAT YOU CHOOSE NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN. This fee is to be paid at the time regular futurity entry fees are due. Rules for the Grand Aggregate Award posted separately.

3)    Only foals having at least one (1) paint parent (APHA regular or solid paint-bred/ breeding stock registry) will be eligible for these futurities. Solid paint-bred/breeding stock foals will be shown with the colored foals and judges will be advised to judge them on an equal basis.

4)    Weanling Halter Futurity Divisions for Colts/Geldings and Fillies will be as follows: There will be two equal divisions for each sex (male and female).  Colts and gelding will be exhibited together. A floating birth date system will be used to divide all Weanling Futurities as equally as possible based on fully paid entries at the date of the final payment.

5)    THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OF ANY FEES PAID. No substitutions will be allowed except as follows:

a.     Broodmares that expire prior to the foaling date may have a substitute that has been bred to a listed stallion.  Substitute mares may be nominated without a penalty fee applying. Veterinarian documentation is ABSOLUTELY necessary or the substitute mare will not be allowed or accepted by the APHC CCF.

b.     If the nominated mare does not produce a live foal  (a live foal is a foal standing and nursing without assistance for 48 hours after birth) the nomination fee can be advanced to the same mare for the following year providing notification is sent to the APHC CCF office by August 30th of the foaling year along with veterinarian documentation or the fee will not be advanced.

c.     Mares that are nominated and do not foal due to absorption or failing to conceive will be considered the same as mares that do not produce a live foal as referred to as the above rule b.  Veterinarian documentation is ABSOLUTELY necessary stating that this mare will not foal in the year she had been nominated and advancing of this mare to the next year will not be allowed until such documentation is given to the APHC CCF.

d.     If embryo transfer is used a mare nomination is required for each resulting foal.

e.     Veterinarian documentation of Rules 5a, 5b and 5c is absolute. If this documentation is not sent to the APHC CCF office by AUGUST 30th, of the foaling year, your mare will not be advanced or substituted.

6)    Futurity entry fees are as follows: $100 plus office fee for each entry. Entry fees may be paid at any time prior to advertised due dates. After the due dates, fees will be doubled Postmark of envelope will be the determining factor as to whether a payment is late.


a.     All riding futurities will have no more than 18 horses in the ring at one time, mandatory split at 19 entries.

b.     Owners and or exhibitors will be responsible for entering the eligible horse in the correct futurity class.

c.     An entry must be exhibited in all necessary go-rounds of their respective futurity in order to be eligible to receive pay back monies.

8)    Non-pro exhibitors are defined as anyone carrying a current APHA youth or amateur card and owning their own horse, or immediate family owning the horse as defined in the APHA rulebook for youth and amateur ownership.

9)    The APHC CCF office will be open prior to each futurity for issuing numbers, checking papers and accepting late entries.  However, the APHC CCF office will close prior to the beginning of the futurities, to allow the secretary time to calculate the paybacks. After this closure, there will be no further entries taken or numbers issued…. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. The time of the closing of the futurity office will be announced and posted at the office during shows.

10) A tie-breaking judge will be picked before the start of each futurity to determine the distribution of awards only. Monies will be split evenly in the event of a tie.

11)  NSF cheques will result in automatic disqualifications. This rule will be strictly enforced.

12)  Prize monies will be paid to the current owner or the person paying the sustaining entry fees of each entry.

13) Weanling & yearling halter futurities, yearling lungeline futurities,  2 yr old pleasure futurities, 2017 and forward 2 year old WP/HUS futurities, 2018 and forward 3 year old WP/HUS futurities will be judged by three or more judges with these judges being selected from the current APHA, AQHA or AHSA judges list, and all scores being used to determine the winner.  In the event of a tie score, one judge’s score will be used as the tiebreaker with the tie-breaking judge selected prior to the futurity.

14) Registration certification or verification of pending registration from APHA, or copies thereof, must be presented to the APHC CCF secretary prior to the start of their respective futurity and will be used for identification purposes. Pending registration prize monies will be held until such time as registration certificate or copy thereof is provided to APHC CCF. It is requested, although not mandatory, that each mare owner provide the APHC CCF office with a copy of the foal’s papers whether or not the foal is shown and that all new owners be listed with the APHC CCF office.  In this way, the APHC CCF office will be able to contact the new owners with entry forms for upcoming futurities.

15)  In each and every futurity, the horses will be placed form first (1st) place to eleventh (11th) place and each horse will receive points according to the position in which it is placed.  The point system is as follows:


1st place  = 66 points

4th place = 36 points

7th place = 15 points

10th place =  3 points

2nd place  = 55 points

5th place = 28 points

8th place = 10 points

11th place =  1 point

3rd place  = 45 points

6th place = 21 points

9th place =  6 points



16) The futurities will be held in Alberta with the Weanling Halter Futurity held at the last possible show of the Alberta season.

17)  Exhibitor numbers will be issued to weanlings in the order of their birth, oldest to youngest.

18) Payoffs for the Canadian Colors Futurity and Stallion Owner Purse will be as follows:


Payback Percentages












1 –3











4 – 6











7 – 9











10 - 12











13 – 15











16 – 18











19 – 24











25 – 30











31 – 36











37  up












19) Payback will be based on the number of paid entries in each futurity. Late and eligibility fees are considered paid entries and will be included in the purse. Futurities will be paid 30 days after each futurity.

20) The closing time of the futurity office will be announced and posted at the office at each show.

21) By entering this futurity, owners and handlers acknowledge the right and give permission to the managers of the futurity to do drug testing on any or all entries, randomly or in any manner decided upon by the management and to take appropriate action. (APHA Rulebook guidelines will be used).

22) By entering this futurity, owners and handlers acknowledge the right of the managers of the futurity to recognize animal abuse and/or mistreatment and to take appropriate action.

a.     Head tie downs of any kind are not allowed on yearling longeline participants on the grounds of any APHC CCF lungeline futurity.

b.     Lip chains are not allowed on any weanling halter entry.

23) Horses exhibited in weanling and yearling halter must enter the show pen in age order with earliest born entering show pen first.

24) There will be no gate holds for horses exhibiting in weanling and yearling halter if they are not ready to exhibit to the judges in their designated order of go.

25) The APHC CCF Board of Directors has the right to take disciplinary action to violations of any or all of these rules. This disciplinary action may include disqualification, fines and/or suspension from future futurities. Additionally, all entry fees will be forfeited.

26) Any person on suspension from APHA is not eligible to exhibit in any APHC CCF futurity.

27) The APHC CCF reserves the right to refuse, accept conditionally or cancel any entry. APHC CCF may also disqualify or prohibit owner, exhibitor or horse at any time without claims for damages.

28) The APHC CCF will in no case be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to horses exhibited; for any article of any kind or nature that may be lost, stolen, destroyed or in any way injured. Each exhibitor will be solely responsible for any consequential or other loss, injury, or damage done to , or occasioned by, or arising from any horses or article owned or exhibited by him, and shall indemnify the APHC CCF against all legal or other proceedings, claims, or demands of any kind of nature in regard thereto, or that may arise from the negligence of the person in charge of any such horse or article.

29) Stallion listing forms, mare nomination forms, futurity entry forms, rules and regulations and any other pertinent information may be obtained by visiting the APHC website or by writing:

Alberta Canadian Colors Futurity

C/O Janene Moch

3425 – 2nd Ave South

Lethbridge, AB T1J 4V1

Lethbridge, AB T1J 4V1

Ph: 403-329-2885 or 403-320-1129 Email:


30) Any complaints MUST be handwritten and mailed to the APHC CCF office and will be reviewed at the following board meeting. All decisions made by the APHC CCF Board are final.  Verbal abuse and un-sportsmanlike conduct at any time will not be tolerated and contestants may be disqualified and monies and awards forfeited.  APHA will be notified by letter regarding the incident.  In these cases, there will be NO refund of entries paid and contestants lose the right to claim for damages.


31)                 All decisions made by the APHC CCF Board of Directors regarding anyone or any part of these futurities will be final.

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