Bar 5S is committed to raising quality Quarter Horses, whether it is for the arena or for the pasture.  We believe people still need a horse that will get the job done.  Bar 5S raises horses from the ground up, with good feet, bone and conformation.  We focus mainly on the cow and ranch horse industry, but stand by our horses in any discipline.  We are located in Northern Alberta where horses are still expected to do a full days work, in the arena or out on the grass.

 We feel our bloodlines meet the needs of today's cowboys and cowgirls and will continue to well into the future, they are a mixture of old and new.  Our stallions and mares pedigrees consist of King,  Leo Hancock Hayes,  Mr Gunsmoke,  Blue Valentine,  Plenty Dividend,  Blue Apache Hancock,  Hancock Duplicate,  Smart Chic Olena and War Conchos Drifter, amongst other great ranch bred lines.  Bar 5S stallions maintain some of the oldest bloodlines available today.  The stallions and mares here are selected to carry on the disposition, substance and quality that makes a good using cow horse.