AQHA & NFQHA Reference Dams
Glenco Chicks Escort
AQHA # 3409413    NFQHA# F0012121 (84%)    FQHR# 24007 (92.19%)    DOB: 5/26/1995    Color: Buckskin
Glenco Chicks Escort
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Grand Champion Halter
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Res Ch Halter
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NCHA COA; Iowa,Wisconsin, N Illinois cutting Champion. Grand Champion Halter.
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Chick is a buckskin mare with no white markings. She has a bulldog build with a nice hip, thick bone and a very pretty head. She is registered with the NFQHA as 84% Foundation and the FQHR as 92.19%. She has always given us gorgeous babies with baby doll heads. Herda N/N

She will be bred to Jaz Poco Mouse for a NFQHA 92% Foundation 2009 foal.

UPDATE: Unfortunately we lost Chick the day after foaling on April 16. Chick had a beautiful grullo colt. He is now being raised by Checkers, an awesome 4 year old Shetland/Paint maiden mare that lost her foal. It was love at first sight. Checkers is owned by Brian and Amanda Jensen's son at Burnt Timber Paint Horses of Strathmore.