Heel-O-Matic - The Trainer

Want to improve your roping this summer but can't get steers?  Buy this heelomatic in stead.  No feeding or treating animals - More time in the practise pen.

Perfect for headers, heelers and families who rope together The TRAINER features a completely new hop sequence that is the EXACT replica of live cattle in tow It has been matched correctly to real cattle movements by mechanical engineers at Baylor University

• This is THE machine to own if you want PERFECT PRACTICE

• The TRAINER will change the way you practice

• Necessity has always been the mother of invention, and that is how the TRAINER was born

The TRAINER has more movement in the hips and the tail head and that movement matches to what the legs are doing The patent showcases the hips matching the legs, meaning when the legs are all the way back, the machine is at the top of a hop, and as the legs start forward, the hips come down - just like a real steer

This machine is designed to feel like a live run, it is not something that you can necessarily see until you've roped it, then you will be able to feel the actual difference The transition from the TRAINER to live cattle is 100% consistent 

The way it moves helps you to work on your hand-eye coordination, and the movement and the noise help you to work on your horse

The new TRAINER is going to give you better results, quicker 


Weight: 300lbs •

Width: 66 •

Height: 48 •

Depth: 51 •

 Like new condition - over 1300 off new and no GST or wait time.

Please call Ben at 780 288 0164 for more information.


Was Asking $5,750.00 CAD$4,500.00 USD

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