Jerry Tindell

City Oak Hills CA
Province/State AB
Country Canada
Contact Name Marlene Quiring
Contact Phone 403-783-5210
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Most Comprehensive Horsemanship Training Program Available.
Discover Jerry’s approach to natural horsemanship, we're not the same old thing in a new package. Learning Jerry's methods achieves the highest level of communication and safety. Horse and mule training begins with understanding your horse, mule, and yourself. Jerry provides proven clinics and horse training methods to improve the relationship between owner and animal. We teach you how to properly care for your animal, how to deal with behavior problems, proper groundwork and horse riding techniques. "My philosophy is simple; it stems from the horse and mule and is then translated for the human.

Jerry comes from a very diverse background and is able to deal with any problems that you may be having with your horse, mule, or donkey. He grew up in Missouri in a logging family that used horses and mules for power. "Getting the Job Done" was the first objective. Experiencing the behavior of horses and mules throughout his growing years has given Jerry a unique insight into the equine psyche.
Jerry's ability to transform these early lessons in life with equine has... been a major part of this development today. Jerry's emphasis targets effective communication and safety. His experience intructing mounted units has established a successful curriculum for mounted law enforcement. His many years training, riding and driving mules enhances his understanding of teh mule and enables him to offer top notch guidance to all equine owners and handlers.
Working with Jerry encourages the equine handler to look for "try" while developing a "feel".
Developing a Safe, responsive equine and handler relationship is the Tindell Goal. Jerry is dedicated to enhancing the horse, mule, donkey and handler experience through knowledge and practice, combined with compassion.

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