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Contact Name Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT
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Equanimity Edge Equine Courses has been offering both equine massage therapy and vertebral realignment courses throughout Canada for over 10 years. Sidonia McIntyre, as the author and instructor of these courses is a registered massage therapist, a certified equine sports therapist and also holds a diploma with distinction from the University of Guelph in Equine Health Sciences. She brings with her over 22 years of massage experience!
What has made this course unique, is the hands on practical work with the horses. As a human RMT, continuing education units (CEUs) are mandatory in order to maintain licensing. Sidonia has taken many different courses for humans, worked with her human clientele to gain understanding and experience and then transposed the modalities so that they could be used with horses. This cannot be learned from any other school.
Safety for both humans and the horses is tantamount. The transposition of the various modalities takes into account the fact that horses are on a horizontal plane whereas human are on a vertical plane – this changes the physics and weight distribution – and has been taken into account so that students can work safely.
Another aspect of this course is the attention to the horses. Therapy is something that should be offered and never forced. The horses have a choice as to what, where and for how long they wish to accept the offered therapy. Learning the cues from the horses and understanding what they mean is an absolute 'must' in the courses! Behavior issues are considered a cornerstone of understanding why horses react to situations in very specific ways: refusals, bucking, kicking, laziness, clumsiness and at times even disrespectful behavior are all symptomatic of specific issues that can be worked upon and relieved through massage!
In the 7 day course, students are taught how to massage the horses using over 20 various massage moves and 5 different massage techniques. This course includes: the health check, lower limb swelling reduction, hoof heat reduction, over 15 specific treatments, learning that many behavioral issues are in response to physical pain, and colic relief – a revolutionary method of relieving colic and can stop colic in less than 30 minutes if caught early! Stretches are also taught with the focus on safety for both the students and the horses.
In the vertebral realignment course, students are taught about the bones and joints of the horse. Location, palpation techniques, testing of joints, proper hand placement, proper positioning of the joint and thrusting technique are all included in this course with absolutely no mallets!
The 4 week course includes all the aspects of the 7 day course, with significantly more hands on time, more treatments, more anatomy, more massage techniques, conformation assessment, movement assessment and the painting of the bones and major muscles on the horse. The vertebral realignment course is also included as these two techniques literally go hand in hand.
If you have been searching for a massage therapy course taught by someone with experience, Equanimity Edge Courses may be the right course for you!

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