Josh Nichol

City Colinton
Province/State AB
Country Canada
Contact Name Cathy Nichol
Contact Phone 780-675-3770
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Come see for yourself why so many -- from elite level dressage riders to weekend trail enthusiasts -- are excited about this "Horseman’s Pursuit.”

Josh Nichol has earned a place as one of Canada’s top horseman with his extraordinary understanding of horse mentality, and a unique ability to apply that understanding to help expand the relationship between horse and rider.

“My goal is to help students realize the limitless potential that lies within a true connection with their horse. By exploring and working with the horses mind, we acknowledge the intelligence of the horse and open the door to a state of flowing responsiveness free from any mental or physical resistance.”

Energetic, positive and inspiring, Josh’s clinics are conducted in small groups and one-on-one. This allows instruction to be detailed, meaningful and timely. Learning how to effectively communicate with your horse will establish a relaxed and dynamic atmosphere in which you and your horse can find success.

Whatever type of riding you do, whatever kind of horse you have, Josh Nichol’s clear and gentle teaching will help you move towards a true relationship with your horse; one that enhances every aspect of horsemanship.

As an accomplished trainer and clinician, Josh is dedicated to evolving his own knowledge of the horse-human dynamic. He has studied under the tutelage of great horsemen and women such as Deb Bennett, Harry Whitney and Richard Caldwell. In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree at Augustana University, Josh benefits from experience earned through a lifetime spent with horses.

Josh Nichol clinics are hosted at many locations throughout Canada. For information on participating with Josh or to join us as a spectator at the Eagle's Wing Ranch, view the Upcoming Clinics on this website. For a complete listing of all Josh Nichol clinics, please visit our website.

To learn more about Josh Nichol and the Eagle’s Wing Ranch, or to inquire about hosting a clinic, we welcome you to visit our website.


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