Birgit Stutz

City Dunster
Province/State BC
Country Canada
Contact Name Birgit Stutz
Contact Phone 250-968-6801
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Irwin Insights Level 4 Master Certified Trainer - first Irwin Insights Trainer in Canada to be awarded Level 4 Master certification

- over thirty years of experience in the horse industry
- proficient in both English and Western equitation
- running her own training and coaching business since 2006
- teaching and coaching riders from beginners to advanced in groundwork and riding, in both Western and English style, with an emphasis on good horsemanship based on equine communication, equine psychology, biomechanics, as well as the principles of classical dressage
- Birgit is continually updating her knowledge and furthering her skills by riding and working with a variety of horses of different ages and stages of training and of various dispositions, and by attending clinics and workshops by various trainers and coaches. She also takes dressage lessons with an Equine Canada Competition Specialist Coach as well as with a Centered Riding Coach on a regular basis
- Birgit has worked with all kinds of breeds, from quarter horses, paints, Arabians, Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds to Morgans, gaited horses, draft crosses, ponies and various mixed breeds

Birgit has coached over a dozen students to certification with Irwin Insights, as well as many students who have elected to not certify to the skill level required for certification. Birgit's extensive knowledge, passion for coaching and attention to detail is evident in every lesson.

Over the years, Birgit has also successfully started numerous young horses and restarted just as many horses who either had a bad start or developed issues over time. Birgit believes strongly that every horse is an individual and that the secret to unlocking their full potential is reached by putting the needs of the horse ahead of the handler in every context. By doing so she has many times produced amazing changes in horses and as a result in their humans too.

Birgit enjoys working with people who have a love of horses and who would like to truly understand horses and build a relationship based on confidence and mutual trust and respect.

Birgit's most important teachers throughout the years have been the horses. Horses have taught her that being a great horseperson goes beyond loving horses and being an excellent rider. A great horseperson strives to understand and relate to horses using the horses' own language, equine body language. Birgit is completely devoted to horses. She stands behind her personal convictions and places everything secondary to her concern for the horse.

Birgit trains, teaches and coaches at Falling Star Ranch Academy of Foundational Horsemanship in Dunster, British Columbia.
Upon request, she also travels to clients for lessons, coaching, demos, workshops, short courses and clinics.
Birgit also offers mentorship programs, horsemanship courses, as well as working student programs.
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