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In the late 90’s we were attending a Horse Clinic in the Calgary area where my wife noticed the hooves of an Arabian Stallion owned by a participant. These hooves looked very different – healthy but really different. My wife was curious, commented on the hooves and the owner stated that he was an Endurance Rider and he and his horse had just finished a 50 mile Ride in which his horse had competed totally BAREFOOT. He said the terrain was really mixed and there was quite a bit of gravel road work. THIS is how and when our ‘barefoot quest’ began.

At this time, we were operating our LAZY M Guest Ranch near Caroline…..with the help of about 50 Horses….including up and coming youngsters etc. etc. We enlisted the help of a Calgary farrier who had been trained in France. He and I would trim 25 horses each. The farrier said it was the easiest money he had made in a long time – just trimming with NO shoeing etc.!! Eventually I took over completely having developed a very manageable trimming schedule – and with constant use, horses need very little maintenance!

MOST of our dude horses thrived on it. Some of the horses who had been shod since youngsters didn’t do as well. Their feet were tender, under-developed and to this day some of them STILL wear boots when we are on rough terrain (proved to us the importance of leaving the youngsters barefoot for as long as possible in order to develop a strong, healthy hoof mechanism!) For these tender footed horses boots - were purchased – we discovered the Renegade Hoof Boots to be ideal for what we were doing.  NOW there are the GLOVE from Easy Care and they too are GREAT!

Our horses worked on gravel roads and in the Mountains in the Cutoff Creek area and the Upper Clearwater, which includes LOTS of River crossings etc. Often some of the horses would return to the Ranch from the Mountains and would even need a bit of a rasping – we NEVER had a horse come up lame from their weeks out there!!

The more we practiced and read the more we learned - the more we wanted to learn! I mentored under Jaimie Jackson and some of his Trimmers in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. I also attended a Pete Ramey Clinic in Montana. Then I decided to go to England to mentor with a farrier friend of ours (30 years experience) – who was working/teaching with the UK Barefoot program.I am a certified UK Trimmer and recently a Certified Trimmer through Gene Ovenick's ELPO Program in Colorado.
Lane was raised in Innisfail in an agricultural family. His father and the local farmers used teams of horses a lot when Lane was a boy. Lane grew up with horses, learned how to trim and shoe at a young age and was also much sought after in his youth to ride horses for ‘training then resale’ at the local auction. Lane still enjoys horsemanship and working with horses that have ‘issues’ – at the seminars only as he has now‘retired’ from doing horsemanship clinics.

Lane continues to study and learn about the hoof and its amazing mechanics and how it affects the WHOLE horse. His real passion these days is helping OTHERS learn just how EASY it is maintaining a healthy, barefoot horse by offering his Two Day Seminars – these are INTENSIVE sessions with lots of anatomy, cadaver trims as well as live trimming. There is a new LEVELS PROGRAM starting in 2013.  In the meantime - many of Lane’s ‘Trimmers’ are out there trimming for friends, clients as well as helping others learn the art/technique!  Check out  photos and stories from a few of these trimmers at:

the Central Alberta Barefoot Website - see live link near top of page.

These gals are MORE than happy to respond to any questions you might have!  We like to say....'just call a CAB'!!

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