Critical Foundation training Clinic

With Chuck and Terri McKinney owners of Wild Deuce

Venue Wild Deuce Retreats Outfitting
Kingman, AB, Canada
Starts Jun 1, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Ends Jun 3, 2018 at 5:00 PM
Contact Name Chuck or Terri McKinney
Contact Phone 780-679-8451
Contact Email

Understanding the relationship and what you need to know to improve your journey with your horse... (6 spots ONLY and the ONLY 3 day clinic in June)

• The foundation of any horse or person begins in the round pen and we will start there. We will advance to your skill level & your horse's. There are key things you need with your horse, to be the alpha, to understand how they think & why they do and react the way they do, getting their respect and ultimately have a partner. So how do you achieve this? It all is shown to you in the round pen on day 1 when I round pen your horse for you & explain everything your horse is telling me. Watch how I can have your horse apart of my herd in one session then your training begins. I have you work on my horses until you get the timing, feel and your body correct before you round pen your own. Horsemanship & training horses can't begin in the middle nor can you skip steps to achieve great results. So let's go back to the beginning and get it right. Through the hundreds of horses and mountains miles I have rode...the one thing I need for survival at times is the trust, respect and partnership of the horse and I would love to share it with you.


 If you are new to our clinics let me tell you straight up I don't sugar coat what I see and if you are ready to become a better horseman and better person for your horse, these are the clinics for you. I provide a safe, non judgemental space for you to learn and understand the very heart of the horse. The round pen is a sacred place that amazing things happen to the people who are open & honest and ready to learn. Leave your worries at the gate & develop a skill you didn't know you had and I promise you that you won't look or work with horses the same again! Cocky or know it all folks need not apply. It was a long humbling road to get here with a long road still to go but I would love to teach the open minded folks the skills I have learned from the horse, the mountain, the hundreds of miles and my wrecks throughout the years. I only offer a small clinics with no auditors because this clinic is for you and your horse and you get what you pay for!


 (6 spots ONLY no auditors making this clinic all about you and your horse for a better learning enviroment)


 LOCATION: Our place by Kingman, AB, camping welcome!

 WHEN: June 1-3, 2018

 PRICE: $200.00 per day +GST (instuction only) dp required.


About Terri,  she has been operating a very successful outfitting business Wild Deuce Retreats & Outfitting, in the Rocky Mountains for 15 years, taking green riders into the heart of the back country on horses she has trained.  Terri also has been riding and training outside troubled or green horses for over 20 years.  She brings her years of experience, hundreds of miles ridden all over the Canadian Rockies and Arizona to you.  She has trained hundreds of horses focusing on troubled horses and using the horses language as her guide.  She has studied and watched the wild horse each summer and that has been her guide in training her horses which she is now sharing in her successful clinics.  She didn't learn horsemanship from a book, she learned it by watching the horse, doing it and learning by the amount of horses and the wrecks.  Terri has been asked to demo's all over from Calgary Stamped to the Mane event and CFR.  She only host's a few clinics each spring because she is driven by passion not the all mighty dollar and focusing on raising her own horses that she offers for sale when they are solid mounts.  Wild Deuce offers a few clinics and pack trips in the mountains.  Check out Wild Deuce on face book.  She has rode many events from eventing to the trail but the mountains are home to her.  Do your RESEARCH on any clinician you pick so you know it's what you and your horse are going to benefit from.  Make sure they have the skills to advance you, look into how many people are in the clinic and really check the clinician out to make the best decision for you and your horse.

email Terri for questions or to book: