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Download the Sale Poster

Download the Sale Poster

Welcome to the sale page for the 4th annual Genetic Impact Ram & Ewe Sale! The IMPACT Breeders group is comprised of ourselves, Patric & Lorri Lyster; Rod & Tracy Jordan of Jordan Livestock; Mike & Vanessa Grimmeyer of Sheep Lake Suffolks; and Darrel & Wendy Ashbacher of First Knight Hampshires/Rose Glen Suffolks. The sale will be held in Westlock, Alberta, at the Westlock Ag Barn at 2:00 pm, Saturday, August 24, 2019. See you there! If you have any inquiries about any of the animals listed here, please feel to contact us. We can forward your inquiry to the consignor for follow-up.

-Can't attend but want to buy? Call order buyer Warren Moore at 403-625-6519, he will look after your money as if it was his own!

-Please do not hesitate to give any one of the IMPACT Breeders Group members a call, we will help out any way we can. Jordan Livestock- 403-843-3032; Sheep Lake Suffolks- 780-307-3385; Darrel Ashbacher- 403-884-2181; Patric or Lorri Lyster- 403-884-2625 or 780-614-0569. 


If you are planning to attend the 2019 sale from a distance, and can potentially haul sheep for other buyers, please let us know asap so we can connect buyers and haulers.

You can also contact us through our Facebook page (link does not function but you can copy and paste):

-Our auctioneer this year will once again be Greg Johnson!. Welcome back Greg!

-If you are buying sheep equipment from Zubot Welding out of Humboldt, SK, they will bring it to the sale. Call 306-682-3252. Also in attendance this year will be Huber Ag Equipment, R.L Schill Manufacturing, and Ranchmart, and there are more possibly being added!

Many thanks for the previous years' support of Peavey Mart and X-Treme Power Products of Westlock! Westlock Veterinary Center has sponsored the free donuts, and free McCafe coffee has been available all three years! Also thanks to VJV Westlock for supplying the bedding. 

-Look here in the coming weeks and months for updated information!

-We so hope to see you all there! We are trying our best to make this sale a success every year. This is where you can see some of Alberta's best!

Lot 4B  Sheep Lake 331E

Feb. 16, 2017   Suffolk   (745480)   Female   
Sheep Lake 331E

Out of a son of Winding Lane 4Z. This ewe and 259 will show quite a bit of British influence.

Sheep Lake 527C Winding Lane 4Z
Williams E 112U
Williams E 14B Williams E 64Z
Williams E 110X

Lot 16  Ashbacher Commercial Pen

Jan-Feb   Commercial   Female   
Ashbacher Commercial Pen
Ashbacher Commercial Pen

Well-matched group of Suffolk type ewe lambs. Ready to breed this fall, come and see them at the sale!

Lot 17  VCSF Cdn Arcott x Rambouillet Pen

Jan-Feb   Commercial   Female   
VCSF Cdn Arcott x Rambouillet Pen

This is Veteran Colony's second commercial pen, these ewe lambs are sired by a Canadian Arcott ram, out of Rambouillet ewes.

Canadian Arcott -
Rambouillet -

Lot 20  Ashbacher Commercial Pen

Jan-Feb   Commercial   Female   
Ashbacher Commercial Pen
Ashbacher Commercial Pen

Here is a beautiful group of Hampshire type ewe lambs, see them at the Genetic Impact Sale Aug. 25!

Lot 23  Birch Hills Commercial Dorset Pen

April 2018   Commercial   Female   
Birch Hills Commercial Dorset Pen
Birch Hills Commercial Dorset Pen

Birch Hills Colony has consigned this pen of 5 commercial Dorset spring ewe lambs.

Lot 31  Sheep Lake Fireball 61F

Jan. 13, 2018   Suffolk   (743742)   Male   
Sheep Lake Fireball 61F

Very muscular ram with a clean head and great maternal genetics, out of a thick Williams ewe. 

Sheep Lake 464B Westerdale 4Y
Sheep Lake 155Y
Williams E 44B Woolfitt Acres 63W
Williams E 137U

Lot 35  Rose Glen 173E

Jan. 22, 2017   Suffolk   (741303)   Male   
Rose Glen 173E
Rose Glen 173E

Twin ram selling in the sale, Aug. 25 at Westlock!

Williams E MXX 13B Williams E 64Z
Williams E MXX 10ZGr
Granite Qarry 1C Marshcrest Zoro 01Z
Ward 52A

Lot 37  Jordan Big Iron 83E

Feb. 19, 2017   Suffolk   (731396)   Male   
Jordan Big Iron 83E

Yearling Jordan ram, twin, consigned to the sale Aug. 25!

Me And Ewe George 1B Todd's Titan 72Z
Todd TK 2A
Jordan 82C Jordan Torque 30A
Jordan 14X

Lot 43  First Knight 120E

Jan. 27, 2017   Hampshire   (Pending)   Male   
First Knight 120E
First Knight 120E

Triplet-born yearling ram, sells Aug. 25 at the Genetic impact Sale!

First Knight 67C Hubbard Roselawn 1418
First Knight 176A
First Knight 182A Hubbard Roselawn 983
Newman P 88P

Lot 44  Jordan Tradition 26F

Jan. 13, 2018   (744373)   MALE   
Jordan Tradition 26F

Twin ram lamb, goes through the sale ring at the Genetic Impact Sale!

Jordan JJJ 100Z Jordan 33W
Jordan 19M
Jordan 124C Jordan Ace 77Z
Jordan 36T

Lot 45  Sheep Lake Fred 75F

Jan. 13, 2018   Suffolk   (744164)   Male   
Sheep Lake Fred 75F

Out of our Stonehill ram and a Westerdale sired ewe. Lots of bone  and length. 

Stonehill 12E Stonehill 20C
Trillium Woods 8C
Sheep Lake 445B Westerdale 4Y
Sheep Lake 198Y

Lot 46  Sheep Lake Floyd 57F

Jan. 5, 2018   Suffolk   (743741)   Male   
Sheep Lake Floyd 57F

Out of an older ewe with great maternal traits, structurally sound ram with lots of length and width.

Sheep Lake 464B Westerdale 4Y
Sheep Lake 155Y
Sheep Lake Betty 45W Winding Lane 1S
Ponoka 32R

Lot 52  Birch Hills 89E

May 2, 2017   Dorset   (744399)   Male   
Birch Hills 89E
Birch Hills 89E

Yearling ram consigned to the sale by Birch Hills Colony.

Atkinson 442Z Atkinson King 91X
Atkinson 35R
Birch Hills 49B Atkinson 72Z
B H Pittman Moon 41Z

Lot 57  Sheep Lake Bond 7E

Jan. 23, 2017   Suffolk   (734372)   Male   

Twin, sired by the Mastine Jackhammer ram. Come have a look!

Mastine Jackhammer 43B Mastine Tom 35Y
Mastine Jypsey 10W
Sheep Lake 462B Sheep Lake 296Z
Sheep Lake 28X 234Z

Lot 60  Rose Glen 180F

Feb. 1, 2018   Suffolk   (744245)   Male   
Rose Glen 180F
Rose Glen 180F

Twin-born ram lamb, selling Aug. 25.

Sierra 1C Sierra 11A
Ward 23Y
Rose Glen 165E Williams E MXX 13B
Rose Glen 104B

Lot 62  Jordan Justified 15F

Jan. 12, 2018   Suffolk   (744364)   MALE   
Jordan Justified 15F

Triplet-born British influence ram lamb, sells Aug. 25 at the Genetic Impact Sale!

2nd Chance Heavy Weight Drinkstone Heavy Weight Y68
Second Chance 9U
Jordan 125C Jordan Boom 32A
Jordan 58A

Lot 63  Jordan Famous 69F

Jan. 24, 2018   Suffolk   (744357)   MALE   
Jordan Famous 69F

Here is another twin ram lamb with that British influence! Come and see him in Westlock, Aug. 25!

2nd Chance Heavy Weight Drinkstone Heavy Weight Y68
Second Chance 9U
Jordan 66Y

Lot 64  Fusilier 2E

May 1, 2017   North Country Cheviot   (734142)   Male   
Fusilier 2E

From consignor Jason Cooper: "The yearling tup is Fusilier 2E.  He is a lengthy but well built young tup.  he stands correct when off halter, and has shown  a good rate of gain as a lamb.  He has a decent amount of muscle in the fore and hindquarters as well as a good length of loin for a Northie. He is a twin lamb out of our Boz Hill tup and a longer framed Ghostpine ewe." This is the onoy NCC ram in the sale, he sells Sat. Aug. 25!

Boz Hill 15Z Integrity 15X
Boz Hill 11S
Ghostpine 1B Integrity 68Y
Westerdale 44A

Lot 66  Sheep Lake Felix 85F

  Suffolk   (745485)   Male   
Sheep Lake Felix 85F

Twin out of a big Williams ewe.

Sheep Lake 464B Westerdale 4Y
Sheep Lake 155Y
Williams E MXX 15B Ponoka 34T
Williams E 13T

Lot 70  Jordan Aces 20F

Jan. 12, 2018   Suffolk   (744372)   MALE   
Jordan Aces 20F

Twin ram lamb, see him at the sale, Aug. 25 in Westlock!

Jordan JJJ 100Z Jordan 33W
Jordan 19M
Jordan Zailia 60B Jordan Boom 32A
Atkinson 27Z
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