2019 Gin sorrel filly

  • Lot: #14
  • Filly
  • AQHA #pending
  • sorrel
2019 Gin sorrel filly

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This cleanly-made, good filly will have some length of leg from her mothers bottom side and yet still pack a ton of cow-horse blood.  She has Pegasus big brown eyes and is a sweet filly to be around.   

Watch for this filly's mother, also in the sale.  


Sire:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/pegasus50

Dam:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/tt+lady+tanquery


PLEASE NOTE:  This foal will not be leaving sale day.  (Unless both she and her mother are purchased by the same party)  Because of it's age, this foal will not leave the Fleetwood property until sometime in the month of October.  Pick up day can be arranged between the buyer and seller, or the buyer has the option of leaving the foal on the Fleetwood place after weaning.  There will be no board payable until the foal is weaned.