2019 Silken silver dun colt

  • Lot: #34
  • Colt
  • AQHA #pending
  • Silver Dun
2019 Silken silver dun colt

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This beautiful colt has great lines, balance and flow.  He's just one of those eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing colts that always looks good.  We find the whole silver family to be quiet minded, brave, easy to teach horses that retain the education they've been given.  All in all, this is a really great colt.  

We want you to know that this colt is a GBED carrier.  This recessive genetic disease will not ever affect him, but if he were to remain a stallion it would require the testing of mares he was bred to to ensure they were not also carriers.  If you have interest in this colt as a stallion, please research GBED.  If your interest is as a gelding, then it will never make any difference to him or to you. 


Sire:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/dun+it+ok

Dam:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/silken+silver

PLEASE NOTE:  This colt will not be leaving sale day, unless both he and his mother are purchased by the same party.  Because of his age, the colt will not leave the Fleetwood property until weaning, sometime in the month of October.  Pick up day can be arranged between the buyer and the seller, or the buyer has the option of leaving the foal on the Fleetwood place after weaning.  There will be no board payable until the foal is weaned.