• Lot: #38
  • Stallion
  • AQHA
  • 2000
  • Dunskin
  • 14.3hh

Consignor details


A gorgeous, show-stopping stallion with striking color and plenty of dun factor!  A grandson of Hollywood Dun It & of Peprica (Peponita), Dun It Ok is an honest, quiet horse with an impeccable disposition, which makes him a pleasure to handle.  With his homozygosity for black and for dun, this stallion will always pass along his black points and dun factor.  Keep in mind he also carries a copy of the cream dilution gene, which will be passed down to foals 50% of the time.  On an already dilute mare (buckskin, palomino, etc.) this means there is a chance of a double dilute.  Also, on gray mares there is a 50% chance of her passing the gray on to the foal, which will cover up whatever the base coat color is.   

"Woodrow" was put into reining training as a 7 year old, and showed that remarkable Hollywood Dun It talent!

For us, it was an excruciating decision to list this stallion for consideration to the outside world, but what an opportunity for those that know Dun It Ok and his amazing ability as a pre-potent sire.  The opportunity to own a stallion this well known and this sought-after is a rare opportunity indeed.   

PLEASE NOTE:  This stallion will not leave the Fleetwood property until payment funds are verified.  We retain the right to frozen semen on this stallion.