GolDun Dreams Quarter Horses.

Carolyn Garding.

I was born and raised in the Edson area and horses have always been a big part of my life. As a child I lived on horseback. When I lived in town I still kept my horses, even though I had to board them out.

I have had to sacrifice a lot of things in my life to hold onto my horses. Hard work and persistence has paid off. 

Raising quality Quarter Horses has been a dream for me, now I'm seeing it come true.

I've always loved Quarter Horses and I am very partial to Peppy San bloodlines. 

Our current stallion lineup includes GD Colonel San Hawk, GD All Dun Up, and Magnums Mighty Mouse

I have a small band of mares and some up and coming additions. When looking for new stock, conformation, temperament and pedigree are very important to me.  

I am striving to raise a good quality all around horse; I like my horses to have a good heart and a willing disposition. Whether you're a competitor, a casual rider or have a job that you rely on your horse to accomplish, you need a horse that will stand up to whatever stresses or terrain you may encounter. 
Thanks to all who have supported me in the past. I always enjoy hearing about how the foals and horses are working for you. I invite you to look at what I have to offer. Feel free to contact me or stop by the farm, coffee is always on.

GolDun Dreams Quarter Horses
Carolyn Garding
Niton Junction, Alberta, Canada.