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Reckon Jest A Bay
Lot #22
Reckon Jest A Bay
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Skip Badlands Royal Skippa St Royal Silent Counsel
Skippa State
Northwind Wynonna Skip O New
Skippin Hoddy
Northern Mickie Lea Silent Counsel Staint Sheen
Silent Reckon
Mickie Poco Skip Skip Dash
Mispollys Skip
Writeup: Mickey Lee is a nice big strong mare that can go all day. She has been worked extensively on cattle since she was started as a three year old. She easily hops in the trailer to head out for work. This big mare can cover ground. She neck reins. opens and close gates, has drug logs and had a rope swung off of her. Mickey Lee is 15.1hh. She has had many miles put on this summer and has been a go to horse for cattle work. This is a tough gritty mare that can and will go all day. She does need a consistent job and will excel as a ranch horse.
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