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Northwind Littlepoco
Lot #27
Northwind Littlepoco
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
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Cherry Skipkeo
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Spanish Prayer
Polly Poco Mussy Skip Dash
Mispollys Skip
Writeup: Cool Boy is a big bodied good looking gelding. with his deep solid shiny red color he really stands out. He has worked cattle and moved pairs. He is a very cowy horse and can really cover ground with his big stride. He neck reins and moves well off of foot pressure. Has drug the log, roped the dummy and can open and close gates. Cool Boy is 15.3hh. He was started as a three year old and than brought back in again and rode since April. Has mad many miles put on. He is a very nice calm horse that can do anything you ask of him. Great all around horse. He catches on quickly and is nice to be around, quickly does what he is asked to do. Nice tall stout horse that can handle any job.
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