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Steppin Mighty Mahon
Lot #3
Steppin Mighty Mahon
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Skips Twp Steppin Two Steppin Array Spanish Array
Spanish Dancin
Skips Kewpie Skips Evade
String Lee
Skipjose Mighty Lark Scottish Mighty Lark Scottish Lark
Skips Delta
Northern Santana Skip Dash
Northwind Snowgirl
Writeup: Mahon is a tall boy that you can ride out alone or with a group, He has been used to move and gather cattle as well as to sort pairs. Mahon is 15.1hh.Mahon is a horse that can really get down and use his hind end and turn on a dime. Really pays attention to the cows when he is around them. He has lots of get up and go, will make a great ranch horse or take him into the arena and show him off as a team roping horse or barrel prospect. He goes hard all day for you and will not quit. When he fully grows up and fills out he is going to be a real looker. He has a ton of muscle and nice smooth lines.
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