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Northwind Smoothkent
Lot #7
Northwind Smoothkent
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Northwind Skipskane Skip O New Skips Avant
Skipkeo Chelsey Skipalex Skipkeo
Cherry Skipkeo
Ring N Kimmer Smooth Smooth Rings Smooth N Valor
Seven Rings
Northern Kimbar Skip Dash
Skipkeo Showtime
Writeup: Benson is a very friendly super quiet gelding that you could put grandma on. Nothing fazes him. Ride him alone or in a group. Crosses over or through anything. Has been used to gather cattle and sort pairs. Has been trailered. Has had a rope swung off him, and pulled a log. Open and close gates with ease. Benson is 14.3hh. Benson really likes people and will make that great family horse that you can put anyone on him Grandma included. He is a very trusting and super willing horse. He is a ranch favorite and even Leroy has taken him out for a spin or two. He has a nice deep shoulder and hip. Super flashy boy that is going to stand out in a pen and make people look twice.
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