extended information for
Lot #31
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Skips Two Steppin Two Steppin Array Spanish Array
Spanish Dancin
Skips Kewpie Skips Evade
String Lee
Northern Naghahee Skip Dash Skip Van Hug
Beki Bar Dun
Mispollys Skip Skippa Cross
Mistress Polly
Writeup: Mojo is a very people friendly type of horse. He has a very smooth trot, and a soft mouth. He is a very forward mover. He thrives on challenge and so far accepts everything that has been thrown at him. Mojo is 14.3hh. Has nice smooth movement and comes from a family line of great ranch horses that have been used here on the ranch for many years. Mojo is very appealing to the eye with his smooth lines and kind eye and clean legs with a super pretty head. Nice deep sorrel coloring with that perfect amount of extra chrome. He is a very confident horse. Keep him at home to use daily or take him to the arena and show him off.
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