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Smokey Smooth Grinch
Lot #29
Smokey Smooth Grinch
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
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Writeup: Grinch is a very smooth looking horse with his nice cream colored coat and white mane and tail. He has a very good whoa and a super smooth lope, transitions with ease. He is very in tune to his handler, this boy was meant for cattle work. Grinch is 14.2hh. Has had a rope thrown off him. Has been used to move cattle and sort pairs. Grinch has been trailered. Grinch has been taught to lay down when asked, will make it very easy to get on him to ride him bareback. He has a very nice cream colored coat with a very shiny white mane and tail, He is very cowy and will make a nice team roping prospect. He has been ridden bareback. He has the perfect amount of chrome and of course color never hurts. He will get you noticed anywhere you take him. Super nice willing gelding.
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