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Steppin Laura
Lot #30
Steppin Laura
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Skips Two Steppin Two Steppin Array Spanish Array
Spanish Dancin
Skips Kewpie Skips Evade
String Lee
Scottish Delta Lark Scottish Mighty Lark Scottish Lark
Skips Delta
Northern Santana Skip Dash
Northwind Snowgirl
Writeup: Laura is a super willing mare with good size. She is a very nice mare to be around and takes everything in stride. She has been excelling with flying lead changes and instant departures. We have swung the rope off her and drug logs with her. She has no fear of the unknown, handy mare when you need to open or close a gate off her. Is your pup tired? No worries she will pack your dog along for the ride as well. She has worked cattle as well and been used to sort pairs this spring. Laura is 14.3hh. Speedy mare with great forward movement, Will make a nice barrel prospect or keep her at home and use her on the ranch. Naturally reads cattle. Very consistent and always gives everything her all. Has been trailered. She is another rider favorite.
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