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Array Skip Tamila
Lot #34
Array Skip Tamila
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
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Skips Kewpie
Spanish Array Too Skippa Staints
Array Of Light
Northwind Tammie, Silent Counsel Staint Sheen
Silent Reckon
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Kimdoll Showbar
Writeup: Tammi has a very smooth lope and can cover ground with ease. She has worked cattle and is moving off leg pressure very nicely. She has had the rope swung off her and pulled logs. Transitions easily and has a very nice whoa. She has been trailered. Tammi is is 14.1hh.Tammi will make a very nice heel horse or let the kids take her to 4-H. She has lots of eye appeal and you will stand out wherever you go when you put this mare in your trailer. She is out of one of our great mares. She has been ridden bareback and has excelled with flying lead changes. She has great confirmation and nice smooth lines. She is a very confident mare that can easily get the job done.
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