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Northwind Malcom
Lot #12
Northwind Malcom
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Northwind Skipskane Skip O New Skips Avant
Skipkeo Chelsey Skipalex Skipkeo
Cherry Skipkeo
Northern Makayla Silent Counsel Staint Sheen
Silent Reckon
Skippa State Skip Sav
Skippa Jest
Writeup: Malcom is the love bug of his group and has a ton of personality he is the class clown. He is not spooky and readily does what is asked of him. Malcom is a very energetic mover with a very soft mouth. Malcom is 15.1hh. Malcom has that gorgeous smooth cream colored coat and silver mane and tail with plenty of chrome to go around. He was started in May and has plenty of miles on him this summer. Malcom can really use his hind end and will excel any direction you want to take him. You can swing a rope off him.
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