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Steppin Cat Cassie
Lot #20
Steppin Cat Cassie
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Skips Two Steppin Two Steppin Array S[anish Array
Spanish Dancin
Skips Kewpie Skips Evade
String Lee
Cat Mispollys Catina Scottish Larks Cat Scottish Designer
Skip N Catina
Silver Nicolea Skip O New
Dusty Northwind
Writeup: Cassie is 15hh. She is a very eager horse that loves to work. Cassie is a very quiet mare with very nice long movements. She is a very stout bodied mare that will make a good ranch horse prospect, or take her to the arena. Strong mare that will pull calves to the fire with ease. Lots of speed,catty movements. Has gone over and through obstacles such as bridges and gates. Has been trailered. She will excel with a job.
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