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Badlands Step Froyd
Lot #
Badlands Step Froyd
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Skip On Badlands Six Silent Counsel Staint Sheen
Silent Reckon
Northwind Skipalanna Skip O New
Four Six One
Steppin Too Fray Skips Two Steppin Two Steppin Array
Skips Kewpie
Spanish Array Too Skippa Staints
Array Of Light
Writeup: Vern is a stunning, stout, and smooth guy, standing at 14.3hh. He moves out beautifully, and is very easy to ride. Hes a little more on the lazy side, and would prefer to take it easy, though it is possible for him to bust a move when necessary. He listens well to leg, seat, and has a soft mouth. He can move both his forehand and hindquarters easy. Hes super easy to catch, and likes attention. Hes been used to check cows, is used to dogs, trucks, and tractors.
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