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Badlands Kevin
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Badlands Kevin
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Skip Badlands Royal Skippa St Royal Silent Counsel
Skippa State
Northwind Wynonna Skip O New
Skippin Hoddy
Ring N Kimmer Smooth Smooth Rings Smooth N Valor
Seven Rings
Northern Kimbar Skip Dash
Skipkeo Showtime
Writeup: What “Edwardo” doesn’t make up in looks, he makes up in personality and effort. This little 14.1hh gelding will give you everything he’s got, and then some. He can be stubborn, but will not quit until the job is done. He’s very much in your pocket, very quiet, and has the kindest eye. He is surprisingly quick on his feet, and is really fun to move cows with! He’s got a great stop, and can move on both forehand and hindquarters easy, side pass, rollbacks, open and close gates, and drug objects. He’s sensitive to leg, has a soft mouth, and listens well to your seat. He’s never in a rush, and can carry on all day long. He’s been rode in and out of the arena, and does well in both. He’s used to dogs, trucks, tractors, you name it.
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