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Worthwind Dennis
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Worthwind Dennis
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Northwinds Skipskane Skip O New Skips Avant
Skip 'O' Dance
Skipkeo Chelsey Skipalex Skipkeo
Cherry Skipkeo
Scottish Delta Lark Scottish Mighty Lark Scottish Lark
Skips Delta
Northern Santana Skip Dash
Northwind Snowgirl
Writeup: Duncan is a 14.3hh white palomino gelding, who will definitely get you noticed wherever you take him. He is a flashy boy with a beautiful mane and tail, and a lovely big blaze. Duncan is a very laid back kind of guy, with more whoa then go. Hes been ridden down the road and out in the pasture with a calm, cool attitude. He ties, bathes, picks his feet up, been exposed to obstacles.
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