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Steppin Tiny Cobra
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Steppin Tiny Cobra
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Skips Two Steppin Two Steppin Array Spanish Array
Spanish Dancin
Skips Kewpie Skips Evade
String Lee
Northern Tiny Nugget Skippa St Royal Silinet Counsel
Skippa State
Shoemakers Shickess Shoemakers Lad Mccue
Writeup: Tonka is a 14.3hh chestnut gelding, who aims to please. He has a very curious and friendly personality. Hes a try hard kind of guy, which makes working with him, and teaching him new things an enjoyable process. Tonka has forward moving gaits, and is starting to understand leg pressure. Hes been trailered, ridden down the road, moved cattle, sorted pairs and conquered it all with ease and confidence. Tonka ties, bathes, picks all 4 feet up, and has been ridden over obstacles.
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