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Northwind Ruffie
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Northwind Ruffie
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Northwind Skipskane Skip O New Skips Avant
Skipkeo Chelsey Skipalex Skipkeo
Cherry Skipkeo
Bubbles Little Rose Spanish Agree Spanish Magistrate
Spanish Prayer
Polly Poco Mussy Skip Dash
Mispollys Skip
Writeup: Margret is a 14.1hh palomino mare. She has a beautiful long mane, almost down to her knees, and lovely tail. She’s a laid back, old soul kind of girl, who is very willing to learn new things. She has lovely balanced, smooth gates, and is moving off leg pressure well. She’s been ridden down the road and out in the pasture with confidence. Margret ties, and picks up her feet very well, and also enjoys a good snuggle.
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