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Badlands Step Freya
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Badlands Step Freya
Consignor: Hayes Brothers
Skip On Badlands Six Silent Counsel Staint Sheen
Silent Reckon
Northwind Skapalanna Skip O New
Four Six One
Steppin Too Fray Skips Two Steppin Two Steppin Array
Skips Kewpie
Spanish Array Too Skippa Staints
Array Of Light
Writeup: "Gash" is a very showy, flashy, push button,and stout mare. She stands just under 15hh and is an absolute tank to ride. She collects beautifully at a w/t/l, is very sensitive to leg, hands, and seat. She's been rode in and out of the arena, but prefers working to casual riding. She can be very intense to ride, and has a ton of grit, and is very competitive. She would make fantastic show horse, and would excel with someone who is more of an aggressive rider. She's starting to spin and has an incredible stop! She has done flying lead changes on command, but they may need some work. She's currently rode in a bosal, but was started in a snaffle bit. She's sorted cow/calf pairs, and has proven to be very cowy. She's been around farm equipment, trucks, dogs, you name it. She will be absolutely incredible for someone!
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