Lucky Hancock Train
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Lot #05

Lucky Hancock Train

Consignor: Jenner & Kelsey Meston

2018Red Roan

Fintry Drift Hancock Lassoís Windsor Lasso
Sabrina Hancock
Miss Roan Asset Roan Prairie
Miss Ruthie Twist
Lucky Train War Train War Concho
Ikeís Bomber
Blantonís Redwood Blanton Wood
Miss Red Command

Writeup: Clifford is a home raised colt that we have been impressed with since day 1. We started him as a 2 year old and he has well surpassed our expectations. Clifford has zero buck in him, since a baby he has been super gentle and quiet to be around. In the heading he is very quick footed and strong on the horn with a smooth face up. In the heeling he is very user friendly and would fit any level of rider. We also breakaway roping on him and Clifford is getting real sharp in this event. We have used him in the feedlot on and off for the past year as well as calving cows out all spring. For a little horse Clifford has a huge heart and will never quit you on a long day. We have used him at a lot of brandings this spring and he is very quiet and calm in the branding pen. Clifford is easy to catch, good with his feet and is a dream to clip. Any questions feel free to call Jenner 403-740-2971

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