JXL Smoking Bear
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JXL Smoking Bear

Consignor: Peterson Horses


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Writeup: Bear is a 7 year old, good looking, Bay Gelding. He stands 15HH and weighs 1200lbs. This gelding is gentle and good to be around. He has been used on the ranch for all aspects of ranch work. Bear is good to ride out on the trails, across water and through rough terrain. He is a solid head horse, that knows how to use himself, and makes roping off him easy. He leaves the box flat, rates cattle, and has a nice smooth move on the corner. Bear is safe and kind and ready to go in any direction you choose. Please call Kale or Tatum for more information @780-515-0715 and visit www.petersonperformancehorses.com for updated videos closer to sale day.

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