Watchin Badger 19
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Watchin Badger 19

Consignor: Thomas Kaiser


Watch Joe Watchin Bucks N Moore Two Eyed Red Buck
Sandy Joe Jackie
Ole Watch’s Jackie Ole Watch Joe
Rowdy Bar Jackie
Pahls Badger Kay Two Eyed Grey Badger Two Eyed Red Buck
Coalies Showgirl
Pahls Kay 550 Two Eyed Leo 511
Pretty Kay Casper

Writeup: Honey Badger is a 2016, 14.3, grey gelding. He his very fancy and good looking, but also has a ton of ability to back his looks. He is easy to catch and very friendly to be around. He’s been used on the ranch for gathering, branding, and doctoring. He is also a great trial horse since he covers a lot of ground when he’s out for a walk. He is a switch ender and enjoys both ends in the team roping pen. He has the potential to be a nice breakaway horse as well. He will excel at anything he does in and out of the arena due to his ability and build. For more information call Thomas at ( 780) 514-9888

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