A Touch of Class Performance Horse Sale

Saturday, April 28th

Preview: 12 Noon
Sale Time: 2:00 p.m.

Auctioneer: Brennin W. Jack 

Prairieland Park - 503 Ruth Street W
Saskatoon, SK



Office & Sale Day Phone: 1-306-299-7253


Sale Horses

Image Listing Name   Sire   Dam  
Ginger Leos Maiden

Lot 1 Ginger Leos Maiden

  • May 24, 2009 Mare Sorrel AQHA [5226908] 
  • Sire: Captain Pines
    Dam: Titans Gingerleo
  • Consigned by: Makayla Stieb
  • Foundation Quarter Horse Broodmare!
Captain Pines Titans Gingerleo
[Leo Tolos Poco Ten]
Dun D John Boy

Lot 2 Dun D John Boy

  • May 21, 2015 Gelding Bay Overo APHA [1050647] 
  • Sire: Black Dun Doc
    Dam: Two Page Two Step
  • Consigned by: Southern Springs Stables (Nanette Choquer)
  • All-Around Performance Gelding with CHROME!
Black Dun Doc Two Page Two Step
[Two Page Pistol]
Red Reminic Rogue

Lot 3 Red Reminic Rogue

  • June 16, 2016 Filly Dun AQHA [5799870] 
  • Sire: Red Oak Reminic
    Dam: Dox Silver Jessica
  • Consigned by: Mona Thiessen
  • Cow Horse Prospect! Peppy San Badger and Reminic on her papers!
Red Oak Reminic Dox Silver Jessica
[Dox Best Silver]
MTR Cougarnic

Lot 4 MTR Cougarnic

  • April 20, 2007 Mare Sorrel AQHA [4993735] 
  • Sire: MTR Anuthagenuinenic
    Dam: Docs A Lady Cutter
  • Consigned by: Barry & Yvonne Lerner
  • Finished Cutting Horse! Great Pedigree! Here's one you can work on the ranch all week, and go have some fun at the Cutting or Reined Cow Horse Shows on the weekend. We don't get to sell many like her!
MTR Anuthagenuinenic Docs A Lady Cutter
[Dry Docs Cutter]
DF Sucha Fox

Lot 5 DF Sucha Fox

  • May 7, 2016 Filly Bay AQHA [5734642] 
  • Sire: Badges Golden Nugget
    Dam: Kings Blue Fox
  • Consigned by: Ron Brown
  • Cow Horse Prospect! Peppy San Badger and Colonel Freckles on the papers. Very well put together! NAERIC REGISTERED!
Badges Golden Nugget Kings Blue Fox
[Bavarian King Breeze]
Justa Hickory Stylin

Lot 6 Justa Hickory Stylin

  • May 14, 2011 Mare Sorrel AQHA [5427814] 
  • Sire: High Style Hickory
    Dam: Justa A Jogger
  • Consigned by: Thunderbird Horse Center (Neil McLeod)
  • Performance Horse Deluxe! Well Broke!
High Style Hickory Justa A Jogger
[Ja Faded Memories]

Lot 7 Missy

  • 2011 Mare Chestnut Grade 
  • Sire:
  • Consigned by: Buddy Prouse
  • Ranch, Roping, Sorting, or Penning! Here is one that can go anyway you want her to. Gorgeous conformation, and wants to work!


  • May 6, 2014 Gelding Solid Bay APHA [1042288] 
  • Sire: Spooks Delta Dude
    Dam: Okies Gambling Lady
  • Consigned by: Rebecca Beaulieu
  • Ranch or All-Around Prospect!
Spooks Delta Dude Okies Gambling Lady
[Mr Okie Lee]
Steel N Jill

Lot 9 Steel N Jill

  • June 1, 2016 Filly Palomino AQHA [5743372] 
  • Sire: Steel Dust Shilo
    Dam: PC Cutter Jill
  • Consigned by: Ron Brown
  • 4-H or Performance Horse Prospect! PRETTY PALOMINO!
Steel Dust Shilo PC Cutter Jill
[Five Star Dexter]
Blowin Smoke Rings

Lot 10 Blowin Smoke Rings

  • April 25, 2008 Gelding Grullo Tobiano  APHA [945742] 
  • Sire: Hawkeye Otoe Blue
    Dam: Salty Duck
  • Consigned by: Bev Van Metre
  • Flashy Paint Gelding! Dressage, Cowboy Challenge, or Ranch Horse Prospect! Watch the Video!
Hawkeye Otoe Blue Salty Duck
[Texas Indian Joe]
Petal To The Metal

Lot 11 Petal To The Metal

  • May 7, 2012 Gelding Chestnut AQHA [5469279] 
  • Sire: Gatons Go For Glory
    Dam: Kanilope Pal
  • Consigned by: Lisa (Marks) Thue
  • Ranch Horse Deluxe! Here is one the whole family can enjoy! Check out the Videos!
Gatons Go For Glory Kanilope Pal
[Two Page Pal]
CD Miss Tee Shay

Lot 12 CD Miss Tee Shay

  • May 26, 2014 Filly Chestnut AQHA [5626201] 
  • Sire: CD Kool Peppy King
    Dam: CD Miss Shazzy Tee
  • Consigned by: Bobby Ann Barbour
  • Cow Horse or All-Around Prospect! Well bred, and very willing! Almost 5 months professional training at sale time!
CD Kool Peppy King CD Miss Shazzy Tee
[Quick Nic Benny]
Ten Dots

Lot 13 Ten Dots

  • May 17, 2006 Mare Red Dun AQHA [4810542] 
  • Sire: JB Power Ten
    Dam: Dots Remittance Lady
  • Consigned by: Thunderbird Horse Center (Neil McLeod)
  • Heavy in Foal! Two for the price of one!
JB Power Ten Dots Remittance Lady
[Remittence Man]
Boonsmal Frosty Lad

Lot 14 Boonsmal Frosty Lad

  • April 22, 2013 Gelding Bay Roan AQHA [5574673] 
  • Sire: Smokin Boonsmal
    Dam: San Lady Lynx
  • Consigned by: Brent Beaudoin
  • Cow Horse, High School Rodeo or Trail Riding Prospect!
Smokin Boonsmal San Lady Lynx
[Doc Shena Lynx]
Silverado Sweetmarie

Lot 15 Silverado Sweetmarie

  • May 16, 2016 Filly Chestnut AQHA [5778612] 
  • Sire: Dox SiIverado Gold
    Dam: KCS Cool Cat
  • Consigned by: Mona Thiessen
  • Fancy Ranch or Barrel Prospect!
Dox SiIverado Gold KCS Cool Cat
[KCS Docs Delight]
WKK Reys Smart Cat

Lot 16 WKK Reys Smart Cat

  • April 28, 2016 Gelding Sorrel AQHA [5735539] 
  • Sire: SMart Lil Marmoset
    Dam: Reys Dual Cat
  • Consigned by: Amos Abrahamson
  • Well Bred Ranch Horse Prospect! Smart Little Lena, and Peppy San Badger on his papers! Natural Ability to back it up, be sure to watch for him in the preview!
SMart Lil Marmoset Reys Dual Cat
[Reys Dual Badger]
YOR Cruiser Nic

Lot 17 YOR Cruiser Nic

  • June 1, 2010 Gelding Sorrel AQHA [5307219] 
  • Sire: Reminic in Spots
    Dam: EMF Cookies Cruiser
  • Consigned by: Jaret Farrow
  • Ultimate Reined Cow Horse or Ranch Horse Supreme! We don't get to sell many as good as this guy. They just don't make them like this anymore! BROKE, Experienced, Quiet, Gentle, Safe, and FUN!
Reminic in Spots EMF Cookies Cruiser
[Peps MR Doc]


  • May 6, 2003 Mare Chestnut AQHA [4400962] 
    Dam: Remita Gem
  • Consigned by: Thunderbird Horse Center (Neil McLeod)
  • Cowy, Cowy, Cowy! Great Producer, stamps her foals with ability and class!
[Remittence Man]
LS Captain Famous

Lot 19 LS Captain Famous

  • May 5, 2015 Gelding Bay AQHA [5704221] 
  • Sire: Famous Hawk
    Dam: Shake Em Warrior
  • Consigned by: Richard Houston
  • All-Around Prospect! CBHI Super Stakes! Very well bred, good looking gelding!
Famous Hawk Shake Em Warrior
[Royal Shake Em]
Relo Tanto

Lot 20 Relo Tanto

  • May 30, 2006 Gelding Buckskin AQHA [4915074] 
  • Sire: Two Page Tonto
    Dam: Cutters Relo
  • Consigned by: Barry & Yvonne Lerner
  • Ranch Horse! Big solid Buckskin Gelding. Used on Community Pasture his whole life. Can do it all, and will look good doing it!
Two Page Tonto Cutters Relo
[Dry Docs Cutter]
Franky Fritz

Lot 21 Franky Fritz

  • April 10, 2007 Gelding Sorrel AQHA [4951715] 
  • Sire: Nicks Major Tyler
    Dam: Colonels Miss Fritz
  • Consigned by: Darrel Prouse
  • Ranch Horse! Knows his job, quiet, easy to handle, and comes from a big outfit!
Nicks Major Tyler Colonels Miss Fritz
[Colonel Leo Fritz]
Clever Smoke

Lot 22 Clever Smoke

  • May 15, 2017 Filly Grullo  AQHA [5835347] 
  • Sire: Smoked N Crome
    Dam: Lady Alabama Hickory
  • Consigned by: Thunderbird Horse Center (Neil McLeod)
  • Performance or Arena Prospect!
Smoked N Crome Lady Alabama Hickory
[Alabama Okie]
Bullet Bandit

Lot 23 Bullet Bandit

  • May 31, 2017 Colt Chestnut AQHA [5835348] 
  • Sire: Alabama Bullet
    Dam: Lady Powerful
  • Consigned by: Thunderbird Horse Center (Neil McLeod)
  • Cow Horse, Ranch/Roping Prospect!
Alabama Bullet Lady Powerful
[JB Power Ten]
Docs Ebony Chex

Lot 24 Docs Ebony Chex

  • May 24, 1999 Gelding Black AQHA [3791891] 
  • Sire: Imp Chex
    Dam: Docs Pine Cone
  • Consigned by: Mona Thiessen
  • Broke, Broke Ranch Gelding! ***READ THE FOOTNOTES***
Imp Chex Docs Pine Cone
[Aledo Pine Cone]
Two Super Smart

Lot 25 Two Super Smart

  • June 7, 2014 Mare Buckskin AQHA [5652034] 
  • Sire: Two Two Smart
    Dam: Kilobar Rythm
  • Consigned by: Ron Farrow
  • Pretty, Pretty All-Around or 4H Prospect! Grand-daughter of Smart Little Lena. All wrapped in a gorgeous Buckskin package!
Two Two Smart Kilobar Rythm
[Romo Rythm]
Two Smart Bananas

Lot 26 Two Smart Bananas

  • June 3, 2015 Filly Buckskin AQHA [5748227] 
  • Sire: Two Two Smart
    Dam: Kilobar Rythm
  • Consigned by: Mona Thiessen
  • Gorgeous Buckskin Filly! Smart Little Lena on her papers! Bred to the Nines!
Two Two Smart Kilobar Rythm
[Romo Rythm]
JB Runaway Time

Lot 27 JB Runaway Time

  • April 18, 2010 Gelding Grey AQHA [5324905] 
  • Sire: Sammies Runaway
    Dam: Time For A Maid
  • Consigned by: Kathy Smith
  • Ultra Quiet & Safe Grey Gelding! Lady Ridden! Ranch work him during the week and run barrels on the weekends!
Sammies Runaway Time For A Maid
[Eye Take Time]
Toban Smoke

Lot 28 Toban Smoke

  • May 2, 2016 Filly Black AQHA [5760493] 
  • Sire: Smoked N Crome
    Dam: Ten Dots
  • Consigned by: Thunderbird Horse Center (Neil McLeod)
  • Reining, Cow Horse or Barrel Prospect!
Smoked N Crome Ten Dots
[JB Power Ten]
YO Grullo Drift

Lot 29 YO Grullo Drift

  • May 10, 2009 Gelding Grullo AQHA [5200727] 
  • Sire: Blues Roan Man
    Dam: Drifts Jenny Hancock
  • Consigned by: Kim Zoller
  • Great Stop! Reining, Cow Horse or Ranch Gelding!
Blues Roan Man Drifts Jenny Hancock
[Drifts Chip]
Pepcid Duel Lena

Lot 30 Pepcid Duel Lena

  • May 1, 2014 Filly Sorrel AQHA [5621407] 
  • Sire: Pepcid Olena
    Dam: PC Peppy Inxs
  • Consigned by: Southern Springs Stables (Nanette Choquer)
  • All-Around Prospect!
Pepcid Olena PC Peppy Inxs
[LNC Smart Lil Dually]
Boons Red CD

Lot 31 Boons Red CD

  • April 7, 2015 Gelding Red Road AQHA [5857821] 
  • Sire: Smart Okie Boon
    Dam: CD Silver Chick
  • Consigned by: Rebecca Beaulieu
  • Nicely Started Three-Year-Old!
Smart Okie Boon CD Silver Chick
[CD SIlver Rio]