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JR Skipadoo
JR Nick Shoemaker Sierra String String Venture
Wells Honey
Skippy With Cracker Skips Ease
Skip O Fare
Rappin Sierra Roses Rap Reynolds Rap
Wimps Lil Rose
Sierra Chablis Sierra String
Dun Dee Dobber
In 2010, I got a real blessing , in that Kate Walls allowed me the opportunity to purchase back "Grace", due to some family situations. I'm just thrilled, as sometimes in your life, when you sell a horse, you regret it forever, so I get a second chance to do it right! Thankyou Kate! As a 2 year old, I rode this mare in the badlands, and she acted like an age old pro. Swimming the REd Deer River, and going through gorges, and climbing hills....she just never quit. I'm looking forward to riding her this year, and starting her back in Dressage. Sheri Bresee had given her 3 months of dressage after she was started by Todd Bailey. Thankyou, thankyou Kate! Photo is Grace as a 2 year old. She foaled a palomino filly in 2015 to my outcross stallion, Zan Major Parr. She was not bred last year, as she is going back under saddle for my own pleasure again.

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