Hello and welcome to Laurel Glenn Farms

The farm is located just 20 minutes South West of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

This is a small breeding farm with some really nice select mares. These mares are very correct, balanced, pretty individuals, with good bone and huge butts. All of these horses have been well handled, treated with kindness and consideration, they are quiet and trusting. My goal is to produce animals that are easily trained, with emphasis on a great disposition, and to produce the ultimate cadillac ride.


As far back as memory will allow, I have been fascinated with the “King P234” dynasty. By the time I was able to pursue my interests in a breeding farm, the horses with King blood were hard to come by. I decided I would concentrate my Foundation Breeding Program around one of King’s best known sons, the immortal Royal King.


The program started with the Matriarch, Miss Royal Berry, she is 100% Foundation Blood, and a grand daughter of Royal King. Since Miss Berry has been here, she has produced seven offspring, four outstanding daughters, all by different Sires, and three geldings. The four mares are now producing their own dynasties, and all are outproducing themselves.


All of these horses are bred to work, and will be versatile in any event. Big enough for ranch work, yet will fit into many other categories of equine sport. Working cow horse, penning, sorting, working ranch horse, roping, barrels etc.


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