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     Horses have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and raising quality horses has always been a dream of mine. I stumbled onto the Quarter Horse breed quite by accident and from that moment my love for the breed was born. From there I discovered running bred Quarter Horses and I became hooked. This has become the focus of my breeding program. I am striving to produce athletic, well balanced, good looking horses that can excel in many disciplines especially those where speed is required. I want a horse that can burn up the flat track or the barrel racing track and have the mind to do it. So far, it seems, my program has succeeded in doing just that.

     I love pedigrees and spend countless hours researching which bloodlines combine well to produce a successful speed horse. My horses carry the names of many of the top notch race and barrel racing sires in the game today. Names such as Dash For Cash, First Down Dash, Chicks Beduino, Merridoc, Royal Shake Em, Streakin Six, Fast Moon Chic, On A High, Easy Jet, Millionaire Playboy, Special Effort, Hempen (TB), A Classic Dash, Fire Water Flit, Runaway Winner, Dash Ta Fame, Dash For Perks, Bully Bullion, Mr Eye Opener, Frenchmans Guy ...... the list goes on.

     Much of my breeding program centers around "large heart" genetics referred to as the X- Factor. The X-Factor refers to genes carried on the X chromosome that gives the horses who have it a heart that is larger than average. As one can imagine, having a large heart can allow a horse to perform at a higher level than a horse who has only an average sized heart. Since these genes are carried only on the X chromosome, stallions either have the gene or they don't because they carry only one X chromosome. Mares, on the other hand, have two X chromosomes and can carry these large heart genes on either one chromosome (single copy mare) or on both chromosomes (double copy mare). I am very intrigued with these genetics and how they trace through pedigrees from one generation to the next. I spend many hours researching these genes and the horses that carry them and have incorporated them into my breeding program.

     With all that said, there is more to a successful program than pedigrees. Environment plays a huge role in the development of a young horse into a winner. I am an Animal Health Technologist by profession and know from experience that the proper care of a horse can prevent many health problems. My horses are wormed a minimum of 4 times a year, are kept current on appropriate vaccines, are farriered every 8-12 weeks as needed and are fed according to their individual needs. All broodmares receive grain, foals start on creep feed at 8 weeks of age and continue on grain until the summer of their yearling year. If a horse has a special feed requirement they get it. All foals are handled regularly from the moment they are born until they leave my home and consequently grow up having a strong bond with people. I believe these positive early experiences have truly started my foals on their road to success as future performers.

     Enjoy my site. I welcome all calls and inquiries. I am always eager to talk horses.


.....Lorene Stone

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