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Northern Lights Ranch
Northern Lights Ranch
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Gene & Paula Conrad - Box 2     St. Alphonse, Manitoba     R0K 1Z0
Phone: (204)836-2374     Fax: (204)836-2545      Email:
All of our Foals are NAERIC nominated
Welcome to Northern Lights Ranch!

The ranch is owned and operated by Gene and Paula Conrad and Delaney and Emma. It is a second generation equine ranch and the farm itself has been in Gene’s family for close to one hundred years. We are located in southwestern Manitoba near St. Alphonse (only 60 miles from the USA-Canada Border). We breed about eighty-five Percheron mares and twenty five Belgian mares annually. We are now also breeding some first and second generation Thoroughbred crosses as sport horse prospects.
Due to the type of operation we run, we concentrate not only on size, beauty and action but also reproductive traits and personality. A stallion must have a good libido, be able to settle a band of mares in a pasture setting but also be easy to catch and handle. A mare must be able to carry a foal with ease, breed back, care for the foal in a range setting and provide adequate milk to raise a foal. She must also be easy to handle in the barn during the winter, and have good feet. All these traits have been selected for in our breeding program and thus we are raising quality horses that are suited for show or breeding.

Our Percheron bloodlines include Windermere King Cong, Blackhome Duke, McGee, Dragano, Mi Marcus, Showtime and many more. Many generations of breeding have culminated into some spectacular show and breeding stock. We may have just what you are looking for as an addition to a hitch or breeding barn! Please visit our Percheron page to meet our stallions and our Sale Barn for horses currently available. We were pleased to have the opportunity to meet so many fellow Percheron breeders and fanciers at the World Percheron Congress in 2004. We were thrilled to win Jr Gelding with our home raised Northern Lights Eros!

Our Belgian bloodlines include Ttellah’s Redeemer Chief , Erb’s C.J., Cedar Lane Royal and Clear Creek Chris. Please visit our Belgian page to see our stallions and the Sale Barn for currently available horses.

Northern Lights Eros

We are now also breeding a few spotted drafts - we have a sweet natured, well broke APHA stallion that we are crossing to just a couple drafts per year. Our Sport Horse program is relatively new but has been very well received. We started with big, hitchy registered Percheron mares and bred to registered Thoroughbred stallions. Our current stallions are Greyboakie McCue and J.R. is Wright. The foals are tall, correct and athletic. These foals can be registered with the Performance Horse Registry and some warmblood registries. Please visit our Crossbreed page to see pictures of our stallions and some of our past foals. Our Sale Barn has currently available horses.

Visitors and inquiries are always welcome – we’d love the chance to show you our horses!

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