I have been involved with horses all my life. My Dad used to farm with them when I was a boy, bringing  in bundles to the threshing machine. I also would catch a horse after school to bring the milk cows home from pasture. I got my first horse of my own when my Dad went to town to buy a sow instead came home with a red roan colt. He was a lover of horses and he passed it on to me.

I started raising quarter horses when I bought my first filly Tess Betawin in 1989. She is a mare with alot of King Ranch breeding on the bottom side with good foundation breeding on top side. She crosses well with most studs because of her intense breeding. I have kept two of her daughters as they produce very intelligent,calm,goog looking offspring. They cross quite well with both my studs. As amatter of fact I kept a daugther of one them crossed to FB Cats Blue Smoke to breed to Playgirls Spoonful. I have mares with Wimpy,Leo, Clabber,Custas Rastus,Three Bars,Doc Bar ,Freckles Playboy, Mr. Gunsmoke and Peppy San bloodlines. I believe with these bloodline I can produce intelligent, good minded horses with alot of cow sense plus good all around animals that anyone can get along with.  Whether you want to show or perform on them you can expect to do well.

I purchased my own stud. Playgirls Spoonful in 2009. He is a  well bred animal and is very easy to manage. He is a joy to be around. Boomer - Playgirls Spoonful- passes this great attitude to his offspring, Thanks for taking the time to read this God Bless.