Where Showing Just Got Easier




Where Showing Just Got Easier



Thank you to all of our customers over the past years who have helped to make our business such a great success. We have had the opportunity to talk to many of our customers and we hear back from them letting us know how they have done at a show. We love hearing the stories you share with us as it makes this business a more personal experience. Good Luck to everyone in 2014!

Cookin With Style Donald Quarter Horses modified tail Donald Quarter Horses & Cookin With Style, Manitoba

I used the tail and it is beautiful! The tail looked like it was actually real, and I got a ton of compliments. I was very happy on oe it looked on him, and how easy it was to put in.
Quinne Mason, Ontario

Quinne Mason hunter tailQuinne Mason & Rio's Reflection, Ontario

Pica Bommernic Modified Tail DieselCathy Spencer & Pica Bommernic, Alberta

POA Skip That Impulse Sara GronskiSara Gronski & Skip That Impulse, Wisconsin

Just came back from Kalispell, and had a lot of compliments on the tail I got from you. So a big thank you. Put in a total of 13 tails last weekend, and yours are the easiest to work with. Hands down. Keep up the good work. Feel like the local tail "handy-man", but I have a few promising apprentices.
Susan Strelioff, Alberta

Chris BrownChris Brown & Parte Awesome Pine

The show with my paint went well. I put my new tail in twice with no problems and nobody knew it was fake. The judge the first day is all he could talk about was Crockett's tail.I did not have the heart to tell him it was not all real.
Donna Blacklock, New Brunswick

Black Tail Extension Dr. Brandy Catton afterThanks again...that tail makes a huge difference and I love how it is so natural.
Dr. Brandy Catton & Welwyn, Manitoba

The tail arrived today and it is beautiful. Thank you very much, I will definitely recommend you to my horse buddies. Excellent service.
Susan Chestnut, New Brunswick

POA Lindsey LasaLindsey Lasa & Spike

Jess had a very successful week and attributes all her success to the tail. A tail really balances a horse out! I was sitting in the crowd when Jess' horse came in for a class and I heard someone say "I like that horse's tail". In her Showmanship class the Judge told her she liked her horse's tail. It looked great.
Marcia Steffen

Palamino Tail Extension Jess SteffenJess Steffen & Blue Black Gold

Thank you for providing us with such a beautiful tail extension. The workmanship was outstanding, as was the service and prompt delivery! I found the extension very easy to put in and only takes a matter of minutes. The final look was 100% natural and gives our horse a really polished look! Thanks Again Michele....we will be highly recommending you. Randi Sperling & Sir Skippen Nick, owned by Barry and Jill Jardie, Alberta

Black Tail Extension, Randi SperlingRandi Sperling & Sir Skippen Nick, Alberta

Thank you so much for being so speedy on getting my tail done. It is so beautiful. I am so pleased with it. I tried it on my horse and it looked great and it moved naturally like you said and it didn't even bother him so I'm very excited to go to my next show and show off my tail.
Ronnie Blattler, B.C.

Flaxen Tail ShinerRonnie Blattler & Shiner

grey hunter tail hunter tailAlexandra Millar & Spirit of Merlin, Ontario

White Tail Extension Jessie GroundwaterJessie Groundwater & Living Proof, Nova Scotia

tail for reining tail extension for reiningAmanda Hansen & Smokernic

Museum Duck LakeDuck Lake Interpretive Center, Duck Lake Saskatchewan

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