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Where Showing Just Got Easier



To determine the size of tail extension you will need to measure from a third of the way down your horses tail to where you want the extension to end. Remember your can always move the extension up or down a few inches. This is particularly good if you have a young horse still growing.

Let us know what classes you usually show in. This often determines how heavy a tail should be. The 1 pound tails are popular with the smaller breed horses such as the POA. A heavier tail extension such as a 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 pound are often used for halter, pleasure, showmanship, and english classes. If your horse needs extra weight to help it from moving it's tail excessively, then a 1 3/4 - 2 pound could be what you need.

Many of our tails can simply be ordered by sending us a picture of your horses tail over the internet. If time allows for a sample to be sent to us, that is the most accurate way to achieve a perfect match. When ordering a black extension, let us know what shade of black you are looking for such as very black or black with a reddish color through it.

The following is a list of information we will need when you are ready to order a tail extension.

- name

- shipping address

- email address

- phone number

- color of tail extension

- approximately how tall the horse is

- events that you show in

- weight of the tail extension

- blunt or naturally layered

Pictures help us to see the color of the natural tail and what condition it is in. When taking pictures to send us, it is best to take them in natural light, outside if possibible, away from shadows. Taking pictures in a stall or barn will not have the best lighting to see the true color of the tail. Stand directly behind the horse and take the picture so we can see the whole length of the tail. Then take pictures from both sides of the tail. Then lastly, fan the tail out so we can see what colors are on the inside of the tail.

Prices for Tail Extensions

1/2 - 1 pound

Black $255.00
Jet Black $275.00
Chestnut $255.00
Sorrel $255.00
Flaxen $280.00
White $295.00
Grey $295.00
Mixed Colors $295.00

1 1/4 - 1 1/2 pound

Black $290.00
Jet Black $310.00
Chestnut $290.00
Sorrel $290.00
Flaxen $315.00
White $335.00
Grey $335.00
Mixed Colors $335.00

Please contact us for pricing of our 1 3/4 pound, 2 pound, and weighted tail extensions.

Lycra Tail Sock $15.00
Removable Weight Pouch - no weights $15

Weights come in a various sizes. Please email or call us for prices.



bead cap bead cap flat braid bead cap size neclace
Flat braid $25.00
2.5 mm braid $25.00
4 mm braid $28.00
Necklace 2.5 mm braid $32.00

We have a great selection of beads and conchos. If you are looking for a cerain color or idea just let us know and we can send some pictures to you. We also have some beads and conchos on our Facebook page.

Charms and Beads

mix charm mix charm mix charm
Beads $3.00
Charms $7.00

Please email or phone to order any of the items on this page. Or look us up on

Box 286
Rockglen, SK.
S0H 3R0